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samantha swift and the hidden roses of athena

france and the rose of art 004f. tibet and the rose of wisdom 004g. japan and the rose of skill 004h. the hidden roses of athena 005. credits 001-general information ----- this is a walkthrough for the pc game called 'samantha swift and the hidden roses of athena'. it's a casual, hidden object point-and-click adventure game. if you want to

ft the shadow government music, videos, stats, and

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planescape: torment

fourth circle of zerthimon ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ allows user to copy 'vilquar's eye' into spell book range: 45 ft. 15 ft. / level duration: 30 seconds speed: 1 area of effect: 1 creature saving throw: neg. weight: 1 usable only by mages and nameless one inscribed upon this circular stone plate is the fourth circle of zerthimon: '*know* that the rising of

let's find out who legendary eirikas official canon

for fire emblem heroes on the android, a gamefaqs message board topic titled 'let's find out who legendary eirikas official canon husbando is. 10 topic ' - page 3.

heckmann and kantor reppin' the 610 i'm a real o.g. 5

his high-energy performance consists of live mixing and is visually accentuated by his 16 x 6 foot tall led light show. on the strength of the recent bassmob tour, 5 and a dime has created some serious waves in the college market in 2011. he released the mash up album ear candy in april, which received over 50k downloads in its fir

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parasite eve

about general features of this game, if you are a fan of squarsoft game, you can understand parasite eve by this formula : final fantasy vii x hollywood digital art = parasite eve based on the best seller science fiction novel by author hideaki sena, parasite eve is a thrilling cinematic rpg brought to you from the creators of final fantasy vii

spore hero

if you want tails or necks use arms creatively. five arms will be unlocked when you get your first hand. talk to meejee again to receive a bite 1 mouth and finish the quest. parts throughout the game are given at random. the exception is that some quests give parts of the same -ability- e.g. any kick 2 foot. from here on the game is free roam

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version 1.1 ----- november 19, 2004 - added new section 0.0 revision history - fixed even more typos - 3.2 controls added new move 'forward knee' contributed by zhang jian - 6.4 stage four added alternate strategy for boss 'phantom mist' contributed by rryy - 6.6 stage six update to 'main level 2' contributed by zhang jian - 11.0 contact updated e-mail address and website url

jet force gemini

how to 'defeat' mizar 1: ----- it's lupus against a 40 foot tall arachnid hardly seems fair. thankfully, mizar under-estimates you terribly in this battle. his attacks are as so: 1 shooting a green fire breath at you. simply go in one direction to avoid 2 shooting purple energy bolts through his eyes. dodge left and right, because he will track your movements. by moving constantly, his

the lost heir 3: demon war

walkthrough for the lost heir 3: demon war, by achtungnight preface- this document was created to help players of the choose your own adventure style choice of games hosted fantasy text game 'the lost heir 3: demon war' by listing the stat bonuses or penalties, stat checks, and other hidden information in the game script.

the legend of zelda: the wind waker hd

12:27 am 12/21/2010 v0.60 - completed section xxi and 1/4 of section xxii. 12:31 am 12/23/2010 v0.61 - completed section xxii of the walkthrough. 1:34 am 12/24/2010 v0.70 - completed sections xxiii and xxiv of the walkthrough; only section xxv ganon's tower is left 11:54 pm 12/24/2010 v1.00 - i have finally finished the walkthrough beginning to work on the enemy stuff size thus far: 342

who is the most toxic fe character?

for fire emblem: three houses on the nintendo switch, a gamefaqs message board topic titled 'who is the most toxic fe character?' - page 3.

the legend of zelda: ocarina of time

===== 12. c o l l e c t i n g t h e s p i r i t m e d a l l i o n ===== ----- g e r u d o v a l l e y ----- items to find: entrance to gerudo fortress this area can be found to the far west in hyrule field. to get across the broken bridge, whip epona a lot and she'll fly over the large gap. another way is to use the longshot on the circle that is on the little piece of cloth that is above the

hyrule warriors

the regular attack button is y b for zelda style . combo attack: a term used for moves performed by pressing the strong attack button during a regular attack string. special attack: the move performed by pressing the special attack button a for warriors style, x for zelda style , consuming 1 bar of the special attack gauge. hitstun: hitstun


1.0 - added all common petpets that are listed in the world section, rare petpets will be coming soon as well the petpet battles section. 1.4 - added a lot of things, i excpet more sections will come soon when i add more things. if you see something major is missing don't hesitate to mail 1.5 - added some explainations. 1.6 - added some more

lunar legend

some more goofy swashbucklers will pick a fight with you. ----- pirate 1 x 3 pirate 2 x 2 hp: 50, 60 exp: 35 sil: 105 drop: pirate 1 card drop: pirate 2 card ----- it's a repeat battle of the one you fought on the bow, so use the same tactics. winddirk is a game over for the pirates, but if you don't have it, use sordance on the pirate 2s when