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tales of vesperia

many times you can make a ' 1' variant of a particular item. for example, your sword can sometimes be made into a sword 1. a lot of times the 1 variant will have the same attched skills as the standard version, but sometimes it won't. if it doesn't, you need to learn the skill on the old weapon first and then synth the 1. - there is a title


4 doubloons - find these four on the dock pieces at the waters edge. 4 doubloons - these coins encircle the first jamjars hatch found in turtle view cave. the cave access is through the tunnel on the left side of town. 4 doubloons - on the right side of jolly rogers is a polluted pool of water where sewage is being dumped in through a

zombies ate my neighbors

2 swimming pool guy - in the pool northeast of where you start, past the long hedge. blast through or go around to the east. 3 barbecue guy - in the garden north from where you start, past the long hedge. again, blast through or take the long route to pick up more victims. 4 cheerleader - in the northeast corner of the tree-filled area which is in the southeast corner of the map. 5 baby

hexyz force

the hole up north can't be used, so head west and take the southern path. all the way west here, scan the crack in the wall; 'attack it ' for 30 fp and take the secret passage back outside. the chest has shen long chain and the palm trees are a harvest for narcissus. head back inside. open the nearby chest for regaledge, then follow the path back and head north, looting another chest for

metroid prime

----- deck beta conduit hall ----- there is a hole under the debris. turn into a morph ball and roll through the hole, avoiding the electric leak. go through the next door. ----- biotech research area 1 ----- there is this unknown creature in stasis hibernation. there are 2 wounded space pirates here too. one is limping towards you. although they are injured, they still are able to defend

awesomenauts game

overview. awesomenauts is a 2d multiplayer platformer developed by ronimo and published by dtp on may 1, 2012 for the xbox 360 via xbox live arcade for 800 msp and the playstation 3 via playstation network for $9.99, free for playstation plus members . influenced by the moba multiplayer battle online arena sub-genre, the game is set in the far future, where two factions red and blue


'pool your resources, and i will draw from you, channel it through myself, and push out just as i did with that scout walker. i'll shove them away, tumble them end over end, knock the star

mario and luigi: partners in time

continue to kick it a few more times, and the shell will eventually break against the enemy ending your turn. if you have all four brothers fighting against an enemy, you can use a special trick to increase the damage you give. when you start kicking the shell with mario, baby mario will ride on top of the shell as you kick it back and forth

final fantasy vii

the computer can change the coupons you found for the following items: a coupon = star pendant b coupon = four slots c coupon = 'all' materia the four slots has - well, it's got 4 slots but has a poor defense rating so we advise not to use it. the star pendant is your first accessory and it protects against poison. you might as well equip

final fantasy iii

in fact, this is advisable, and at least get both to level 4. head left from in front of the healing building and you can edge through the trees to a pool. skirt around the right side of the pool to find a hidden mythril helm next to the tree at the north side of the first patch of sandy ground. there's also a hidden staff at the middle of

final fantasy vii

this faq was written for the english-text, sony playstation version of final fantasy vii. if you're playing the japanese version, the pc version, or the 'international' re-release, then i can't help you, sorry. if you have any comments or criticisms, or if you'd like to contribute some information, feel free to write to me at k.megura at eudoramail dot com . all game-related questions that

animal crossing

for animal crossing on the gamecube, faq by dragonah. animal crossing faq by: neo150 ----- welcome message ----- welcome to the all-purpose animal crossing faq, i've designed this faq to be helpful and easy to navigate.

metal gear solid 3: snake eater

follow the path north until reaching the fork after passing between the green tree on the left and red rock on the right shortly after entering the area . take the path on the left and follow it until reaching a group of four trees. there is a hollow log to the northwest of the trees beware of the trap between the trees and hollow log . move

the elder scrolls v: skyrim

it may say 25 gold, but you probably only get 6 or so out of it, so don't sweat the small gold amounts in the early game too much. stamina will allow you to carry more items. if you must drop weight, you must drop normal gear and weapons, no choice. you can sprint, which consumes stamina. your horse can sprint too; or gallop, or canter, or whatever it's called. you can hold up objects on the

pikmin 2

keep throwing until you get 25 up there, and they will carry the bear carving fossilized ursidae, 25 weight, 160 poko off of the ledge and downward. use 10 more yellows for max, and while they are carrying it, switch to louie that is at base. back here, nab 50 reds from their onions, for this last treasure isn't easy to get. return to the bridge read above and cross it. like last time

the sims 2

version 4.3 17/4/07 another bad day, where the poor people at virginia tech were murdered due to senselessness. sad, sad day. this is the second bad update day in a row. version 4.4 27/4/07 another update on the traits and chance cards. version 4.5 30/9/07 update on more chance cards as well as edits on spelling. version 4.6 17/12/07 all the military chance cards, as well as their odds

metroid prime 3: corruption

no worries though. simply shoot the four red glowing markers to extend a bridge across the gap. however, before you can cross, new foes appear: aeromines. these little guys aren't that bad though. all of them have an impenetrable shield up at all times, except one who is also the only one attacking at this time . aim at whichever one has its

tom clancy's splinter cell: chaos theory

no matter how slick i am the bg fires sam up. if and when this occurs reload from the trapdoor. as for below, 1 in 4 or 5 times rbg 1 is still at or between the desk and the 'open' storage room door. the last part makes no sense, if he's at the desk and facing the hlwy how does the door open, when none of the other npcs use it. ===== run to and

yakuza 4

for yakuza 4 on the playstation 3, trophy guide by barticle. yakuza 4 trophies guide - ver. 1.02 - 29 oct 2019 - by barticle at hotmail.com y88b d88p 888 d8p88 y88b d88p 888 d8p888 y88o88p 888 d8p 888 y888p 8888b.

the legend of zelda: the wind waker

the korl also has you practice in 4/4 and 6/4 time. use the d-pad or control stick to switch rhythms. after youve finished all this, the korl gives you the wind waker to keep although you now have the wind waker, you still dont have any songs for it; its time to get one look for a nearby tunnel directly through the island; off the shore on the other side is a small island with a