48 inch floor slabs for garden

tales of zestiria

turn the camera to the southeast to find some red crystal jutting out of the wall. you can perform a discovery on it. head back downstairs and go through the north door leading into the centre path, go across two slabs to the east and pick up dragon tail and veram for mikleo and lailah. now go to the southern door that leads to the centre area

enter the matrix

you can perform a focus dive with the mp5 equipped from the second floor. the long fall to the first floor should give you enough time to aim at and take out the swat units there. once this squad is down another will infiltrate the room from the second floor where you started the level. instead of taking them head on, hide behind one of the

paper mario: the thousand-year door

----- paper mario: the thousand-year door an faq/walkthrough, version 1.3 / march 13, 2005 by american arsenal <americanarsenal4 at gmail dot com> ----- 'an awfully long time ago in a strange and far-off land, a big, bustling town thrived. it was a town where all people lived very happy lives and it was said that the town was very

vine villains vs veritas

vine villains vs veritas screams of dismay and anxiety flooded the city as lights exploded with glass shards that hit the floor with an choatic discord congrous with screams,autombiles

regalius empire revamped cvu empire

the throne room is a masterpiece itself. large slabs of black marble make up the floor and steps leading up to the thrones. there are three thrones in total, the main throne crafted from gold, the

character creation contest 5

the great steel slabs stood before superman, more indomitable than most this world had to offer. simple steel, kal el could easily obliterate the pages of his diary with a thought, a glance, a

atelier iris 2: the azoth of destiny

noir: second floor of your house - no name 1 noir: inside the historical society building - lumlia the knight desert: right where you entered belkhyde - angel feather grand city: the park - mana power: power further, at eden temple, you can finally open that silver door blocking the way to the stone mana holy ground. here, you can mine

the legend of zelda: the wind waker

after you grab it, turn around and inch your way through the moblin's territory. remember not to move if the beast is facing you. the moblin will turn to the right, so you can sneak by and make a left to continue up the path. the bare path is devoid of any enemies, but there is still the danger of falling off after it turns to the right. the gap you must cross is too large for jumping; instead

zero escape: the nonary games

junpei collapsed to the floor--a crumpled heap of limbs, like a discarded puppet. too late, he noticed the white smoke that was quickly filling his apartment. a small object, shaped distressingly like a grenade, sat on the floor in front of his face, hissing. the white smoke poured out of it at an incredible rate. the smoke had grown so thick that the details of junpei's apartment began to

resident evil 5

this one can be interesting because of the way that the character will swing his/her legs to the side while hopping over an object. the wide leg swing can stagger enemies rather well. drop - the character leans over then falls down a platform to the floor below. this one has just as much recovery animation as the long jump. --> giving an item


here, go down to clear map, then go up and finish the first floor's map before heading up to the second floor. here, go right avoiding the breakable floor in the middle by walking around it and get the stone blade from the chest. there's four breakable floors here: a medium sized one to the left, a medium sized one to the right, a large one

the elder scrolls iv: oblivion

hop down the hole in the floor and kill the daedra on this floor. now hop down the hole again to kill another daedra and find a second knight of the thorns killed. head out the door and continue along the path. kill the daedra and you will find the third knight of the thorns laying dead on the concrete slabs outside another door to the bowels