affordable ideas for outside patio floor south africa

parasite eve ii

go back and climb down the steps to the south side of the room. there's a box of 9mm parabellum on the bench. this box provides you the max amount of ammo you can carry, and you can use it whenever you want. come back here if you have less than 150 bullets. also check the body opposite the bench for a recovery 2 . now go to the patio. a

the sims

clean the place up- just simply clean up the trash inside and outside and the ash by the bbq grill. once this is done the goal will be complete. fix the broken stuff- make sure you have 2 mechanical points and try to fix all the stuff thats got smoke coming out of it. also you must unclog the toilet. upgrade your abode when in buy mode- this goal sounds very confusing. this means that you need

resident evil

now its a bit of a trip to find the remaining members of the bravo team, so head on over to the right side and the door on the bottom area of the balcony, enter it and it will lead you to another outside balcony. at the patio at the end of the balcony jill will find the body of her former bravo team mate forest spear, but unfortunately he has

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after a very annoying day-one update i live in south-africa where the internet sucks i finally launched the game. i was thrown into the create a sim, and realized right there. this game is not sims. where is the realism in the look of so ea has done it again. the hype over this game over the past few months was very high and i was really

waterfront rehearsal dinner ideas?

we have a lot of out of town family and guests coming and i've so far been unsuccessful in finding an affordable venue for an informal dinner. i was hoping to find a venue that shows off some kind of waterfront view ideally with access to a patio or beach or something. we have two options, renting a venue and getting outside catering. a venue

tulsa -- lunch in utica square

i don't know enough about vietnamese food to recommend it, but it's had a following for many years. i wish i had more exotic ideas for you. you'll find it's easy to get around in tulsa. the places in the utica square area are near downtown, as is the cherry street area 15th street and brookside peoria . plus, you can get from one side of

bully: scholarship edition

outside of gaming, my interests include 'godzilla' i have been a g-fan since the age of ten and 'red dwarf'. i am also a long time soundtrack collector with many titles in my possession. as far as favorite sports teams go, my teams are the san antonio spurs nba the local team , the denver broncos nfl although i live in texas, i am originally from colorado springs, colorado and the air

yakuza 3

the portable stove is also there. in the same floor, you can find pepper, which acts like the salt weapon. it's on the ground near the restaurant area right near the top of the stairs, and next to it? it's a jug of liquid you can use for the 'unknown liquid,' but you can also find that in parking lots and other areas. the bowling ball? you can find this inside mach bowl when you're fighting

the sims

so is sleeping on the floor. a good compromise is the cheap eazzzzze double sleeper. satisfy your sim's basic sleep and energy needs while you dream about better, more comfortable beds. 100% authentic chipboard. motives : comfort =7 energy = 8 ***** tyke nyte bed price : $450 size : 1x3 description : kids are sims too and like adult sims, they need sleep to re-energize. buy 'em this colorful

grand theft auto: san andreas

the sa pedestrian's mouths move when they talk, but not like in 'ma- fia'--it's sort of like a 1950's wax museum of the presidents of the united states made by an asian company with a cheap translator. and the occurrence of enter-able and funny places is more spread out just to give the flying things more to fly over. an exception is that there are a lot of bathrooms but they're bland-looking

family with toddlers seeking foodie neighborhood in

st-denis south of beaubien and north of the viaduct between rosemont/petite-patrie and the plateau is rather a culinary wasteland and wasteland in general until you get almost up to beaubien, where there is another, very good, vietnamese restaurant on the west side of st-denis, restaurant pho tay ho. 6414, rue saint-denis, montreal, qc, h2s

marché moderne great tasting menu in a shopping mall

read the marché moderne great tasting menu in a shopping mall discussion from the chowhound restaurants, los angeles food community. join the discussion today.

days of our lives

days of our lives season 38 episode guide on watch all 253 days of our lives episodes from season 38,view pictures, get episode information and more.

resident evil 4

you'll find him in the aquarium room on the second floor at one point, where he's destroying evidence he'll already have torn the first couple of pages off of the researcher's will file . you can also overhear a conversation between him and wesker outside dormitory 002. to trigger the encounters with barry, discover kenneth's body, and return

grand theft auto iv

thanks to fusionx on the west side of the nameless street south of crockett ave. east of mohawk ave., south broker, is a building called johnson's on which is an ad of five people all thinking about a hotdog shown in a cartoon balloon and the caption 'we're all dreaming of taking a bite of a nice big johnson ' one of them, an african

parasite eve ii

simply lead him along the hallway and around the corner lead him by running around not too far in front of him, he should follow you and when you get to the hole in the floor, step on the panel on the inset of the room, to the right of screen right next to the edge. this will raise the floor panel, but ever so slowly. stay in the little inset

vine 2031: children of destiny rpg

they were oblivious to the world around them, for this place, in the continent of africa was untouched by the war that raged from the outside. children danced and sang, and the elders sat in