anti fungus patio light plates

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use a lighter to slightly melt the bottom and stick it to a plate so it will stand upright. then, light the paper around the crayon on the top. the paper will act as a wick and the wax will fuel

spring home fixes for $25 or less

spring home fixes for $25 or less. april 8, 2010 / 8:12 am / cbs warm weather means it's time to take on those spring repairs. but you can do them this year for less. on 'the early show,' matt

star ocean: integrity and faithlessness

version info. version 1.0 - included mostly completed sections everything important for synthesis recipes, synthesis item mix scores, and augmentation factors.. version 1.01 - filled out most of the missing items in the synthesis ranking scores and factor sections i haven't gotten a tri-emblem on my 2nd run yet .fixed a couple of typos. added version info.

star ocean: integrity and faithlessness

skill books. generally speaking, the game will provide you with 2 of every book in treasure chests, unique enemy drops, and side quests - to teach both of your characters the skills taught by that book.

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after the battle, georapella will put out the fifth plate. go to tower 5 and kill it three more times and use the plates you've been revealing to find a ribbon in the chest there. return to the six-tower platform; behind the fifth one, you can find a chain to a 500 gil chest, and the same with tower 4 to find a glass buckle in a chest after a battle.

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prime day 2019, day 2: last chance for smart light deals from lutron, lifx, philips hue and more. looking for smart lights you can control from your phone and with voice commands? prime day is a

20 ways the color green affects your health the doctors

green fungus get your feet flip-flop ready for spring and summer garrett, 37, has suffered from recurrent green fungus under his toenails for years. because the fungus is in the nail plate and in the nail bed, its so hard to treat with anti-fungal creams, dermatologist dr. ava shamban explains.

star ocean: integrity and faithlessness

his paralyzation will still work 75% of the time. but if i augment an anti-paralysis amulet with 3 other anti-paralysis amulets, then i'll actually get an amulet that legitimately prevents me from being paralyzed, which might be worth using from time to time. factors from a piece of equipment aren't guaranteed to carry over exactly as they are

item creation

item creation. in addition to the things you can buy or find along your way, you can make as many as 321 items through item creation. once you have a recipe and the seven trust materials, you can make anything from usable items to equipment to ship furnishings.

star ocean: integrity and faithlessness

if you put death palm on both his light and heavy long range attacks, you can just vary back and forth between light and heavy death palms to build up cancel bonuses, and the range of death palm is just enough to keep fidel barely out of range of almost all of the destroyers attacks, leaving you free to rip the thing to shreds from range, while

elven legacy

the bang mold spell is a good idea to pick up using your stealthy ranger or cornelius but forget about the nightstone or desecrated relic. firkan's map - shipwreck learn spell bang fungus - witch circle nightstone - place of shipwreck. way too far out to bother with. desecrated relic - complete optional renegade mage quest - once you ko the