bench built on to the decking material

bulletproof cockpit doors a reality

one reason it's taken a year-and-a-half to install the doors, proulx said, is that the company had to do basic research into materials and stress analysis, which cut into time that could have been

where are stored workshop items?

when you store materials does it matter where you store them or are they all shared? if they're not all shared is it depending on where you deposit the materials or does it depend on the type of bench/crafting station? because i've been dumping every thing everywhere and not really keeping track of where i've been dumping stuff because i was under the assumption that they were all shared like

questions about workbench storage

also when you have materials drop them and scrap them that way you get all the materials from these items. not necessary. i played with this a bit over the last couple days, and from what i've found, any items that are, 'automatically,' scrapped when building, any remaining resources do, in fact, move to the workbench.

how can i repair my weapons?

yeah, here's an example: let's use something simple like the assault rifle. if you have 2 of those they're both in less than 100% condition, you go to the one you want to repair and hit triangle. as long as your repair skill is high enough, you can repair it using parts from the other rifle. this gets done automatically. after you hit triangle to repair it'll show you what you can use to

no man's sky next: should you start over?

no man's sky is back and bursting with new opportunities following the release of the next update.for the first time you can embark on missions or traipse around the stars with friends in tow. you

crafting recipes not appearing- another glitch?

the crafting interface is just a little glitchy sometimes. try 1. dropping materials and picking back up 2. showing items to guide in the 'crafting' dialogue choice he gives you, then try again 3. press 'x' in the crafting interface to display available recipes instead of all recipes 4. bring your workbench item and place it near the guide

mystic ark

there's nothing of particular interest on this floor, but you can go outside and swab the deck. you get the deck brush for doing so. as far as what it does, your guess is as good as mine. even the game says it doesn't look too useful. anyway, you can go up the stairs and meet the captain of the gunboss. return to the bloodhook when ready and talk to sixpack. well, what are you waiting for? go

mercedes-benz unveils four-seat open-roof

mercedes-benz espouses the versatility of its new s-class flagship by first offering it as a sedan, then a coupe, and now as a cabriolet, opening up the roof for four passengers.

it won't let me craft items but i have the materials

for fallout 4 on the playstation 4, a gamefaqs message board topic titled 'it won't let me craft items but i have the materials'.

fallout 4 cheats, codes, and secrets for playstation 4

1. drop the desired item on the floor near any work bench you have access too must be a base resource e.g. adhesive, cork or steel etc. . 2. go into workshop build mode and highlight item that you dropped. 3. press x then quickly hold b 4. while holding b, double tap x then press a. 5. the item will of doubled and both parts added to the

hilton launches new budget hotel chain aimed at young

hilton launches new budget hotel chain aimed at young guests january 25, 2016 / 7:53 am / ap los angeles - hilton is launching a new hotel brand, focusing on budget travelers looking to spend $75

rogue galaxy

rogue galaxy ps2 factory faq by: poisson ----- introduction----- ----- once unlocked, the factory mingame in rogue galaxy is easily the most confusing part about rogue galaxy. unlike the other minigames/features, there is no real automatic tutorial, and the one the game does have isn't that great. because of this, many people dismiss it

the legend of heroes: trails of cold steel

as you try to go any further, you will meet a student who will give you a fishing book. from now on, you can fish by examining the deck near the water. you can receive the book, 'red moon rose - chapter 1' by speaking to the bookstore owner, keynes. collecting all 14 volumes of the red moon rose series allows you to exchange for the strongest

yu-gi-oh worldwide edition: stairway to the destined duel

yu-gi-oh worldwide edition: stairway to the destined duel review this is a game designed specifically for yu-gi-oh enthusiasts, and they'll be the people who get the most out of it.

grinding and sanding and reseasoning new lodge cast iron

read the grinding and sanding and reseasoning new lodge cast iron pieces discussion from the chowhound cookware, cleaning food community. join the discussion today.