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israeli missile hits hospital chapel

israeli attack helicopters fired 11 missiles at gaza city early friday, hitting a hospital chapel and several metal workshops. islamic militants retaliated by firing three crude rockets at an

baby-proofing your home dr. phil

a swimming pool drowning could also be called a 'silent death' as there is rarely a splash or cry for help to alert parents to the problem. the typical drowning victim is a boy between 1 and 3 years old who is thought not to be in the pool area at the time of the incident. fence in the pool completely. doors leading to the pool area should be

beautiful katamari

head out to the swimming pool side of the garden. there are tons of 360 wireless controllers in front of a penguin. as far as katamari goes i hate 360 controllers. my hands were fine with ps2 controllers on both katamaris i've played, but 360 controller gave me bruises =p. there are more consoles here and there. collect things in the garden and give a quick spin inside the house. go back out

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swimming in safety - cbs news. if your family has an above-ground pool with a ladder, take the ladder out when the pool is not in use, and as always, there should be a fence surrounding the pool.

childproof your outdoor spaces for safe summer fun

lock up the pool. enclose your pool with a four-sided fence and a self-locking gate. this will keep kids out when they're not supposed to be swimming, or when there's not adequate supervision.

playstation vr: what we think of every game

thumper. $20, £16, au$30. you're on the highway to hell, banging your head to the beat. your steed is a silver beetle traveling at the speed of sound, on a collision course with the devil himself.

once upon a time 'siege perilous' review: episode tedious

once upon a time s05e03: 'siege perilous'. once upon a time's 'siege perilous' really lived up to its title, considering its title is needlessly cryptic and unrelated to anything i care about in

ape escape 2

use the sky flyer gadget to hover up to the platform. lilo ---- jump into the water at the start of the level and swim through to the steps on the other side. from the top of the steps, run under the left bridge and drop into the water. swim through the tunnel on the right and jump out of the swimming pool to find lilo sitting on a chair

rio olympics: what to watch on day 2

swimming. michael phelps , the most decorated olympian of all time, looks to add to his record 22 medals. he's expected to be back in the pool for the medal round of the men's 4x100 relay, which

metal gear solid 3: snake eater

there are fences up ahead, with an opening in the middle, but there are guards patrolling here. the best way to bypass this is to go to the western part of the fence and crawl through the broken part at the bottom. if you take the left path, you will meet a fence. look for the broken part in the middle of the fence and dive through it. from


after you find all the bodies, you'll leave this area. connor will knock over a fridge to get out. shortly after this, look to the left to find a newspaper. after you cross the street and bust open another gate, look on the other side of the swimming pool in the yard here for another newspaper. -objective: survive the ambush. soon you'll come

grand theft auto: vice city

you can drop down into it from beside the 2 pools. go to the waterfront in this alley to locate the package. 53. by the house at this spot on the map is a swimming pool shaped like the rockstar logo. south of the pool are some steps leading up to a raised area with some wooden tables and red and white umbrellas sitting outside. the package is

playstation vr: what we think of every game

maybe you're ready to dive into virtual reality.maybe you're on the fence. either way, you're curious what sony's playstation vr has to offer -- and we're happy to oblige. here are all of sony's

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the creative swimming pool media molecule have created is astounding. dreams is the best creative game i've ever played the story art's dream is fun, interesting, and emotional. the levels on dreams is are fun and wacky. the creative tools are fun to work with but a little buggy at times but these inconsistencies don't ruin the game. amazing ps4 exclusive. 1 of 1 users found this