black deck post caps

what's the best way to make money early in the game

for grand theft auto v on the playstation 3, a gamefaqs message board topic titled 'what's the best way to make money early in the game?'.

negative casino chips glitch

when you pick them up, they will disappear from your inventory - but, you can still cash in all the chips for caps. and then you can cash in all those chips for caps again. and again. and again. you can get over a million caps within about 30 seconds. i just wanted to see if it worked and now my pip boy shows caps.

the strict stat caps.

we have 60 points to distribute but the scaling doesn't do a ton. ok i get that fine. but after a certain amount the game just goes 'no now you get 1 10th of a point in return' i feel this is probably the second biggest flaw as with easy to hit caps and limited points it really kills any real 'builds' in the game since as kahit even playing to my strengths at most i only hit like 150 hp more

infinite caps?

from the full deck, remove all of the 1's through 5's. very easy to remember. 5 play with him and win. then play two more times, forfeiting immediately each time. 6 repeat step 5 until you have about 100 losses and 50 victories, ending on a victory obviously. you will have somewhere around one million caps after about an hour of playing

whats max cp?

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max level worth it?

why do you limit yourself like that? make 2 decks for each character, one for crowds and one for bosses and just switch when needed. you'll get to use more fun commands ars arcanum for sora, triple plasma, dark firaga for riku, etc . i actually do do that i have a total of 3 decks. deck 1 is my main, deck 2 for bosses, and deck 3 for

ultimate captain america vs black tarantula

wait a second, i love ult cap and have debated furiously for him, as i'm sure your aware : but in terms of speed bt was able tag spider-man the moment he decided he wanted the fight to end

best commands?

id like your thoughts on the best commands in this game now i know what the first person to post is going to say: judgment triad its insanly great and no other command can compare so besides that because i already got 2 judgment triads to lvl 100 cr what are some other good commands? mine are: gravity drop cr lvl 100 cure cr lvl 100 curaga over heals this one takes up less memory and i

deck limit

yes. however 60 has not always been the max, there was a point when it was unlimited. apparently there was some guy that had like a 200 card deck and it just took forever to go through, it could potentially fall over and all sorts of other issues so they introduced a maximum card cap, or so i've heard is the reason it was introduced

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what's the point of attribute bonuses?

i did notice that the bonuses allow you to go over the cap of 18, but considering that all the classes use multiple stats that doesn't seem like a very smart thing to do. it's an option that's there. the race attribute modifiers are non-major. it's what, 2 points out of 15 2 =17. not a big deal. i rolled a dodge-tank 1h shield rogue. without

how can i reach this moon in cap-kingdom?

well, there's this one power-moon high above a house in the cap-kingdom and i just can't reach it no matter what how am i supposed to reach this god damn moon? it's located on the main plaza right above one of the houses and even a para-goomba can't fly high enough. there's no place high enough to jump or even reach it.

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best way to get bottlecaps?

yeah, go to mojave outpost and play the bartender. wait 2-3 days and she will have all her caps back. she may only have 500 caps the first time but after you beat her and wait she should start with over 2000. you can squeeze about 5k caps off her in 3 games before using the wait feature again.

spawning rare truffles.

just walk out to the deck of the ship in neverland. if rare truffles, yay. if normal enemies, go back in the door you came and then back onto the deck again until it's either rare truffles or the special fish guy. if it's the fish or you waste all the truffles, move two areas away then come back and repeat. no resetting required.

are lands an outdated mechanic?

pretty much all new card games hearthstone, elder scrolls legends, gwent, shadowverse, artifact have done away with the concept, since the only thing it adds is randomness. there are also pay2win aspects to it through rare lands, which are essentially mandatory in any real deck. should magic move on and do away with lands in favor of a less

gwent, favorite deck setups

2x black infantry archers 10 strength 2x etolian infantry archers the medics heavy zerrikanian fire scorpion siege technician medic 1 biting frost 2 scorch 2x commander's horn i've lost the video because xbox only holds so much and i didn't realise,but i've scored over 300 against an opposing nilfgaardian deck other this.

solved asus laptop suddenly won't turn on

asus laptop suddenly won't turn on by arem24 aug 4, 2014 7:48am pdt attempted to boot up my asus laptop this afternoon and it just stays a black screen.

highest attainable dt?

so i was thinking whats the highest possible dt u could attain, from reading fallout wiki and due to the apparently bugged hit the deck perk, i think u can get it to 93 dt. however i may be forgetting somethingsor i may have calculated something wrong. how i worked that out, this is all depending on being hit by a melee/unarmed attack.