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chapter eleven

break the blocks to the left of the pair of bomb-blasters and you'll find a black hexagon in the wall to stick your beak into again for a moon, just like the last time poking the turret wall . next, we're going to fling ourselves up above the bomb-blasters using the wall they're built in, and then walk around to the other side of the roof to find a wall that'll allow you to fling up to the

james pond 3: operation starfish

three or four blocks past the fourth tree is a block box you can use to cross the small pool of custard easily. get the umbrella from the tree and follow the moons right to clear the custard lake but be careful of turbo verms on the ground. keep moving right until you see tall trees. just beyond them is a deep pit with bananas on the wall. fall all the way down to get the blue cup. now work

tony hawk's pro skater 4

tony hawk's pro skater 4 has over 340 gaps. you receive $1,500 for getting all of them, and you must get all the gaps to fully complete the game. 3 the levels ah, the bulk of the faq. this will list each and every gap in the game, along with how to get the gap and its point value. ===== 3.1 practice level ===== note i don't list these gaps for my health you need to get


the spark pylon is the next capture we will be using in super mario odyssey. this allows us to travel along electrical lines and over great distances. you will use it near the start of the game after defeating a mini-boss named topper. the spark pylon isn't like capturing an enemy and only has two control functions. the first function is to

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boss list and strategies

topper. topper wears a column of green hats on his head. each time you hit him with cappy, he will lose a hat. when all hats have been knocked off, his head will become vulnerable and you can jump on his head to make a hit. between hits, he will hide and spawn green hats all over the arena. avoid them while taking them out with cappy. after a

super mario rpg: legend of the seven stars

the trick is, you must run under the high block, wait until the cannonball goes under mario's head and above the block, then jump and hit the cannonball, causing it to hit the block. then, another one will fire out by the second block. do the same thing you did for the first one, then another one will be fired out towards the last block. do the same thing. after you get all of the blocks hit


patty redden, left, hugs her son, jon, oct. 27, 2003, after finding her cake topper from her wedding day in their san bernardino, calif. home, which was destroyed over the weekend by the old fire .

super mario rpg: legend of the seven stars

in the final room of puzzle course 1, you'll see 4 creatures standing alongside a wall. dr. topper will tell you that they competed in a triathlon; now he'll ask you to go talk to each of them to hear their stories. remember their stories, then go see dr. topper again; he'll have you talk to each of them in the order they won. here, i'll tell

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bowser's kingdom

bowser's kingdom. part 13 - bowser's kingdom - power moons 1-4: use the video below and watch after the lord of lightning battle to see the first four power moons of bowser's kingdom. i will also eventually take on the last two broodals which are topper and harriet.we will collect the four power moons then do battle with the mecha broodal at the end of the video and segment.

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bowser's kingdom: bowser's castle

when you get to the stairs up to the checkpoint flag, look over the wall to the right of it to spot three p-coins. trip the outer wall checkpoint flag next. at the stairface ogre nearby, goad it into smashing the metal box that's glowing to release moon 14: inside a block in the castle.

the pyramid is just plain badly designed. *spoilers, i

-block placement is an even number-except for neat the top, when the front section is randomly odd-the pyramid pinnacle . is an odd number-the stairs don't go all the way to the top. in fact, if you don't approach from the sides, the stairs don't go anywhere near the top.-speaking of which, the stairs on the sides of the pyramid are useless


sprout the flowers nearby for another heart, destroy the posters on the wall, then throw cappy at the hat door to enter the tower. you'll want to keep an eye out for these as they often act as bonus areas although this one doesn't as it's mandatory . when inside the tower, the area around the door will have several ? blocks and brick blocks

bowser's castle campaign walkthrough

use pokio's poking chops to toss the bombs rolling at you away, in order to reach the outer wall checkpoint flag. up ahead is a stairface ogre; lead him south towards the shiny block in the last row of destructible blocks to reveal power moon 14 - inside a block in the castle.

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chapter three

chapter three - onwards to the sand kingdom leaving the cap kingdom and all of its destroyed hat buildings behind, we're heading forward to the sand kingdom, as the previous two worlds have nothing left that we can get, for the moment.


patty redden, left, hugs her son, jon, oct. 27, 2003, after finding her cake topper from her wedding day in their san bernardino, calif. home, which was destroyed over the weekend by the old fire

main story walkthrough

mini-boss 1: topper. topper is pretty simple and i can give a few interesting notes about the battle. firstly you should throw cappy at topper three times to knock all three of topper's hats off of topper's head. at this point, topper will be sitting dazed on the ground. use mario's jump moves to stomp on top of topper's head. rinse and repeat


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column help

many other blocks with in similar fashion castle blocks, adobe blocks and even some fixtures castle and citadel windows, stained glass windows, etc. if i were you, i'd convert a few blocks at the stickler's sifter and found out which one looks best for what you're trying to do. building it small scale to make sure it looks good is a much

cascade kingdom

you can break the surrounding blocks for some gold coins and maybe even a life heart. most importantly break the larger stones to form a bridge to the next boss of the cascade kingdom, broode and her golden chain chomp. madame broode 1: this battle was a little be tougher than the previous battle at cap kingdom, vs topper. madame broode will

tony hawk's pro skater 3

-lip crooked extension- follow the directions of the fence extension, but do a lip trick on the rail opposite the triangular block. -fence extension- go forward from the beginning of the stage, grind on the fence and land into the first pool area near the corner of the start and the parking lot. at that very corner, there's a triangular block