build floor decking for shopping center

daredevil climbs world's tallest tower

he conquered taiwan's taipei 101, which before the burj was the world's tallest building, in 2004. the tower's owner, emaar properties, said the half-mile-high burj khalifa has 160 habitable stories.

world's tallest buildings 2012

a view of manhattan from the 86th floor observatory at the empire state building on the first day of spring march 20, 2012 in new york. in the distance: seven trustr manhattan, where the freedom tower is

coming soon to a floor near you: led carpets pictures

hotel lighting. the floor lighting could also make it easier to find your way to your hotel room, and could even make for a high-tech spin on the classic 'do not disturb' sign.

shooting survivor may show giffords' future

on february 23, 1997, matt was one of six people shot by a palestinian gunman on the 86th floor observation deck of the empire state building in a pre-9/11 act of terrorism.

homes: what you can buy for $400,000

the unit, which is in a building constructed in 1996, features marble flooring, a walk-in closet which holds 65 pairs of shoes, according to the listing , floor-to-ceiling windows, granite

silent hill 3

the shopping center returns to normal after the boss battle. head for the subway. --- hazel street subway station go downward to b1. get the subway map from the wall of the ticket booth after passing through the ticket check machines. go downward to b2. head for the northern platform 1 stairs and go down to the b3 platform. cross the metal grating floor to platform 2, and go down the

airbnb's newest luxury project: 10 floors at nyc's

airbnb's newest luxury project: 10 floors at nyc's rockefeller plaza. the home rental company partners with one of the city's largest real estate magnates to rent out high-end suites.

under construction: one world trade center, new york city

one world trade center, the central skyscraper at ground zero, is seen under construction on january 30, 2012 in new york city. the price tag for one world trade has recently been valued at $3.8