cheap decking tiles delivery man

make room for mango

make room for mango. june 24, 2011 . transcript. this week on the cnet tech review, windows phone gets a mango makeover, summer movie apps coming soon to a touchscreen near you, blu-ray discs are

lego the hobbit

a thunder-battle - man, things are just so complicated on this adventure climb up the leg and move to the left. smash one of the big rocks to find a smaller rock that you can throw at the green to find pieces for a railing that will let you climb up. continue up and to the left. hammer pound a minecart out of the way, then axe smash a cracked block. continue to the left. at the ledge, have

best countertop surfaces

most tried to talk us out of epoxy grout so that they could get the gig to use cementious grout. the reason: epoxy grout must be applied and completely cleaned up all excess wiped off the tiles within about 45 minutes of mixing. the application therefore requires careful planning and is best done with several assistants standing by to fill

far cry 2

three guards man the safe house well north of the weapon shop. save your ammo by driving through the dry grasslands west of the tracks to bypass it. cut over onto the railroad tracks and speed north. when you enter the maps west sector, stop alongside the mountain southwest of the safe house. there is a diamond case 3 on the mountainside under a crude canopy. continue north on the tracks

the legend of zelda: the wind waker

when it is safe, cross the magic bridge and exit through the door that you came. back in the large room with the king of red lions, walk to the left and look for light blue tiles upon the floor with yellow tiles forming a cross in a square. at the center is a small hole in the ground. drop the statue into that small hole and a gate will open

dishonored 2

nonlethal route only: deposit an unconscious ramsey in the safe room. the man himself, if left to his own devices, will walk upstairs and unlock the hideaway, doing most of the work for players. to complete the imprisonment, lock the room after entering. the room contains a health elixir and several pistol bullets -- helpful as corvo's old gun and mask are in a case on the desk. it's

warioware: touched

hitting over 80 meters will get you another souvenir. --- 'snore rope' simliar to the microgame where you had to keep the floating old man aloft. blow into the mic to keep the old man between the jump rope. it gets pretty ugly when the rope starts moving. you get a point every time the rope passes the bottom. get over 15 points to get another

red door tavern in naperville.

i went out for dinner this weekend, eagerly anticipating my first time dining experience at the red door tavern in naperville, only to be disappointed to see it closed. i have tried to see if i could find out what happened and when or if it will re-open. it got such good reviews and the food sounded yummy. does anyone have any information on it?

spongebob squarepants: revenge of the flying dutchman

the first 'b' tile is floating on the deck of the ship. o catch 10 jellyfish in the graveyard self-explanatory. b gather 75 doubloons in the graveyard self-explanatory. find the dutchman's treasure after finishing the puzzle, the treasure is revealed to be located on the deck of the last ship. the treasure is a picture of mama dutchman. game totals; doubloons: 1661 jellyfish: 70 sand

yakuza 3 remastered

to get this trophy you need to win one hand in the mahjong minigame on what is known as a hadaka tanki or 'exposed pair-wait'. this is when you've stolen tiles with chow chii , pung pon or kong kan calls to complete all four sets, leaving only one tile to match to make the pair to finish your hand. that's fairly straightforward but the

the elder scrolls iv: oblivion

three guards and a rather fancily dressed man will appear outside your cell and be quite confused for a moment as to why you are there. as it turns out, fancy pants is the emperor, his three guards are members of the secret service like organization called the 'blades'. someone is trying to kill the emperor and so he's fleeing for his life, like any rational being would. part of that fleeing


didn't the bartender of the wastelands club mention that he was expecting an ice delivery? ----- q: how do i open the rusted doors on the ship? a: the top door on the far left side of the second deck is the only one that can be opened. use the crowbar. ----- q: how do i get past the green slimes? a: the green slimes cannot be killed by normal

sharpening cookie/pastry cutters

1 a marble tile, about 12'x12' - you can often get them cheap as open stock from seven trusts/seven trust type places, or from flooring/tile stores. you just need a broad, flat surface, so even a chipped tile would work. 2 metal sand paper - it's usually black in color. grit will depend upon how much material you need to take off. i usually use 100

star wars: knights of the old republic

for any feedback/questions/etc., please send an e-mail to jhev at note: this faq is no longer being updated. please do not send any additions or corrections. thanks to lucasarts and bioware for making this excellent game, star wars: knights of the old republic. all trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned

foot fetish

* last night i let my friend's wife threw her husband a party at my house and when she came in she left a trail of dusty prints across the tile before the official guests arrived hmmm, no shoes rule. * i have a good sized doormat which i notice people typically step on, with one foot, on their way into the house - if they even step on it at

pizza stone substitute?

i use unglazed quarry tile - terra cotta. they are cheap and durable. if they crack, they do not splinter, thus you can use them again. however they are so cheap - i've paid between .02 and .50 each. measure your oven rack, and have them cut to size. i leave them in the oven all the time. i have a self cleaning oven. it burns eveyting off the