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tom clancy's rainbow six siege game

tom clancy's rainbow six siege is a multiplayer-focused modern-military tactical first-person shooter developed by ubisoft montreal and published by ubisoft for the xbox one, playstation 4, and pc on december 1, 2015.

bioshock walkthrough

on the other hand, if you want to make some new friends, check your map for a bot shutdown panel and flip it. this costs 20 bucks, but will drop the bots to the ground without hurting them

cyber monday 2018: the best deals you can still get

but if you're looking to spend your hard-earned currency on the cream of the post-cyber monday crop, scroll down for some of the best deals you can still get. note that prices and availability are

quest for glory i: so you want to be a hero vga version

- increase climbing by, naturally, climbing. early on, you can practice on the tree outside the healer's house, but a better place is the town gate. once you've plateaued there, you can max it out on the wall to the brigand fortress but only on your first trip, mind you . magic: the magic user's skill at manipulating reality. not much else to

mega man x8

after all the blocks have risen back, block 2 will descend. jump on top of it and cling to the wall, and wait for the sequence to finish. at this point, the blocks will start to move a bit faster. block 6 will descend again, but don't make a move for it. jump off the wall when block 3 descends, and quickly drop into the gap. now, you can

super mario world

wait for the pillar to move out before you drop down and bump it. afterwards, wait for the ledge above to stick out of the wall, and jump up to the next level. use the springboard to help you bounce up through the gap when it is open. then, wait for the steps come out through the left wall. you will then reach a row of wooden blocks above. one

the legend of zelda: link's awakening

take it and push the block to the right. go north from there to a key block. use a small key here and go right. use your final key in this room on the door to the east. stand in the doorway to prevent damage to yourself at the hands of razor traps. go north through the wall panel and you'll reach a room filled with cracked blocks. rather than

devil may cry 3: dante's awakening

you'll notice that when you go to smash the dart boards beside the jukebox an odd panel on the wall is revealed. use your sword swinging abilities to activate all the nodes on this panel and remove the barrier. before going through the door be sure to pick up the shotgun off the wall, changing guns is done quickly with the l2 button. check out the scenery in the next room, you can interact

mystic ark

check the bookcases and examine them to find that they're missing books. the barred door is also locked, so go through the wooden door. in this room, you can check the plaque on the back wall to learn about the synthesis urn, which is in this room. it's the one tucked into the little alcove. when you check it, it will give you a close view of

ces 2018: the coolest gadgets

nanoleaf has unveiled a new square-shaped variation of its light panels. now you can turn the panels on and off, dim them up and down, or change their color just by tapping on them. yes, of course

awesome works of christian art and architecture

this oil and tempera on a wood panel painting 23.0 in. × 32.1 in. was made by early renaissance italian painter piero della francesca probably around in 1455 1460. it is located in the galleria nazionale delle marche in urbino, italy. it was during his first visit to urbino that piero had made this painting. on the left you have the

sonic's ultimate genesis collection cheats, codes, and

in the icecap zone act 1, when you come to a wall that only knuckles can bust through, hold the down button until sonic or tails looks down, and the screen pans all the way down. then press up and jump at the same time. the screen will start to rotate, walk in the direction of the wall and you will walk right thru it. this only works on act 1