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i like the constrast of colors and the patterns in the wood. i like hickory even better, for the same reason, but i like the color of hickory better than cedar. i am not attracted to wood

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carthage fought for control of the western mediterranean with the greeks first and then the romans. ===== = economy = ===== the early phoenician economy was built on timber sales, wood

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for zeus: master of olympus on the pc, faq/strategy guide by jchamberlin. it, and you certainly can't build there. a timber mill will be required to harvest the vast amounts of

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what it's for: feed it to the risso's dolphin in the zahhab depths as part of befriending it, for part 7 of the 'be the best trainer' quest. ***** 4. plastic monster

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from 1922 through 1952, egypt appeared to be one of the world's most successful constitutional monarchies. but it was ripe for revolution; the military coup of july 1952 led by gamal

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converting a wood burning fireplace to gas by installing a gas fireplace insert. with tips on custom colors and textures. french the use of composite wood for decking and exterior

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here are their purchase prices. fodder 20g lumber 50g stone 200g gold lumber g the third and probably most economic option is stone. stone is very strong and will only risk

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the 4 different types of resources: most rts games will just give your resources in terms of dollars, but not in age of empires ii. we have wood, food, gold and stone to collect. wood is

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expression and impression. this dynamically striped couch creates a statement both in form and function that says 'my couch'. brings comfort that lasts as long as the endless