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planescape: torment: enhanced edition / icewind dale

it's also the first game i bought at full price, with my own money, back when i was 15. needless to say, my original guide wasn't very good in its first form, and has changed so much in the last several version updates so as to be almost unrecognizable. version 1.03 was perhaps the most massive update i've ever done. in fact, 'update' isn't really a fair word; 'rewrite' would be more accurate

kingdoms of amalur: reckoning

but, his skillset isn't radically vexing; he relies primarily on an icy projectile and a fiery salvo. as with all spellcasters, he's hamstrung when interrupted. since this is a scripted fight, it only advances by injuring the boss, causing him to teleport further down the walkway. white palm henchmen will assist in the fight, but generally aren

fallout: new vegas

the offices' eastmost corridor will lead into the power plant, and house's switch is on the balcony. with that bidding done, return topside to find the dam's legion side being bombarded. continue the eastern trek, and keep an eye out for the northern walkway that spits out centurions. they may carry things like anti-materiel rifles and

the legend of zelda: the wind waker

return to the walkway below, and cross the next room by swinging across, just as you have been with the previous ones. exit this useless room via the west door to another walkway. you can make a shortcut to the main courtyard from here by pushing a crate on the left balcony off the ledge. this crate will allow you to reach a ladder that takes you back up to the balcony, but is too high to

apokolips cvnu location

the main facade of the palace consists of a two-story rusticated stone base, from which rise tuscan and composite pilasters framing the windows of the three main floors. the upper story is hidden

neverwinter nights

yes, it's a place the tiles on the floor puzzle. tell your henchman and any companions/familiars etc to stand their ground somewhere out of the way. then pick up the rune stones one at a time and place them in the pattern below: rxxr xrux xrrx rxxr where r = rune stone, u = player and x = empty floor tile. this matches the pattern on the

star ocean: the last hope

open the chest that you come to for 193 fol . turn straight around from this chest and walk forward - you should be going north-east. you will walk into a second chest, which has blueberries x2 inside. go northwest from here, and then west when the walkway splits. inside the nook is a chest that contains skill manual 'scan enemy' . return

final fantasy dimensions

enter the rift to visit alfheim, where there is new dialogue to be had with the npcs including 2 new gnomes in a hut and there is the grave of 'the great king freyr' at the end of the once empty path. head back to the top of yggdrasil to get a composite bow and cilque and adrian have new dialogue. cilque: 'the empire's fury is unmatched

the sky breaks rp

kameo closed her eyes as she took a breath, the suit was one with her and they breathed in unison 'i didn't want to bring you out to this girl, but were going to be fighting gods and armies' kameo

10 coolest uses for the raspberry pi

comment and share: 10 coolest uses for the raspberry pi by nick heath nick heath is a computer science student and was formerly a journalist at techrepublic and zdnet.