cost of a 1000 sq ft vinyl deck and railing installed

grand theft auto v

one of them must be installed onto a a hard drive and the other must be played using at least the dvd-rom drive. but you should not install both discs to the hard drive. according to rockstar, because of how the game is programmed, you need to read the data from two different sources. otherwise glitches and other problems may appear. thankfully you can use flash drives on the x360 and install

dead space 2

next you need to align isaac with the green square on the large block so that he flies through it. move to the right again and then line yourself up with the yellow square onto the rooftop ahead. o o >note: for re-aligning the solar panels you will get the achievement/trophy 'powered up' o o once you regain control of isaac, move out of the room into the hallway, to the left is a save


when you're done, check the restaurant in the center of the square - there'll be an ammo bandito and an audio-diary mozart of genetics on the counter. on the west side of the square is a gatherer's garden - spend your adam if you have any. head through the north archway to go to mercury suites, where suchong and some other rapture notables

fallout 3

for fallout 3 on the pc, faq/walkthrough by haeravon. this guide is set at a width of 72 characters. for ease of use, make sure your browser is displaying all the numbers on the line below.


fear: all enemies have 90% of initial hp cost to place: 1000 rating: 2/5 i can think of very few minions in this game who don't drop with just one or two shots or bursts of a particular weapon, and so this card makes little difference to anything. a 10% health loss is just not enough, especially for 1000 gold. nah, there are far better silver

the orange box

the objective is to use the walkways there to locate a washing machine -- push it into the lift ever-so-gently and drive into the waiting tunnel where a refugee camp is set up. watch the scenes here, and eventually the boat'll get a machine-gun attachment installed thanks to the vortigaunt fire with r-trigger . get a move on out of this


*customise spr4* - this screen enables you to customise your spr4 special purpose rifle . this is the assault rifle officially adopted by socom us special operations command which recon has developed and modified for its own use. various items can be installed on different parts of the weapon. -rus a- - upper rus - recon universal socket for

mass effect 2

reward: xp 1,000 ===== act03 freedom's progress ===== special items on this mission: research project: heavy weapon ammo after landing, enter the door in front of you, exit via the door on the opposite side of the room. follow the catwalk to the left and descend the stairs. make your way over to the door on the far right of the area and pick

rollercoaster tycoon 2

----- rollercoaster tycoon 2: wacky worlds ships by steven wong -- pc editor published 1:58 pm cdt may 6, 2003 it's time for coasters to get whacky infogrames has shipped rollercoaster tycoon 2: whacky worlds, an expansion to rollercoaster tycoon 2 in north america. the game retails for $29.99 us. ---new --- rollercoaster tycoon 2 wacky

grand theft auto: vice city stories

'grand theft auto: vice city stories' works great in 480p mode. however, the main title intro will be a little glitchy because of 'line meshing issues'. this is because the intro is actually a 'film' instead of using the game graphics. it is to my understanding that xhdtv doesn't handle film based stuff well and that results in the jittery looking intro. but this is actually a minor problem

easy ways to make that ugly kitchen gorgeous

price: about $10-$20 per square foot. sinks. an ugly, dirty, worn out kitchen sink is a huge eyesore. but installing a new one can cost you as little as $100. also, if you are replacing a sink

walkthrough, part i

after the scene, enter into the bar to the west and exit out its backdoor to the southwest. go around the deck to the south for 14 gold coins. now go to the northwest corner of the deck and speak to the purple speech bubble to accept the quest: put a ring on it and receive the recipe - twenty-four carats of class.

ratchet and clank future: tools of destruction

escape on the mag rail and look for a way to lure the army off the planet. as ratchet will start heading up yes, up the grind rail, immediately jump out of the way of the hover-saucer's laser, then back to the middle rail, as another will join it and laser the side rails. you'll reach the top and curve round, where there are more mag-trains

metroid prime 3: corruption

- when this is installed, you'll be able to greatly extend your horizontal jump distance. - after pressing b twice to space jump, press b once more while pushing forward on the control stick to initiate the screw attack. after that, you can continue pressing b up to five more times to continue the screw attack. it's a little tricky at first, as there's a special timing to it. you don't want to

the surge

with the new power core installed, you're good to go. here are a few tips before you go off adventuring: you currently have no WPC, so your first order of business is to craft a set of gear. you'll need schematics, material components, and tech scrap. you can get components by severing enemy body parts, so cut off their arms to receive the necessary materials needed to craft your own

hitman: codename 47

ammo: $1,000 per clip 1,000 rounds . magazine capacity: 1,000 rounds. maximum ammo: 6,000 rounds. ----- notes: this large gatling-style machine gun is the most powerful weapon in the game. it spits ammo like there's no tomorrow and very little can stand up to it. in real life, this weapon is often attached to vehicles and cannot be carried by a person. but, just like with the m60, you have no

need for speed underground walkthrough

need for speed underground walkthrough our guide will help you live your life a quarter-mile at a time, with tips on all 112 races, general driving strategies, a full list of cars and mods, and

resident evil 4

the nemesis limps to the other side of the room and begins to chew on the tyrant's corpse. this puts it directly in front of the charged rail cannon. the rail cannon's blast shakes the room, tears through a four-foot block of scrap metal, vaporizes the tyrant's corpse, and doesn't really look like it hurts the nemesis much at all. a second

renovate with new floors

costs vary because of the custom nature of the project. the cost with the printing of 6'x6' pieces for the bathroom tile would sell for $20. the 16' x 16' pieces would sell at $35.56 and the 18' x

star wars battlefront

square = interact / cooling flush / enter/exit turret / teamplay focus the cooling flush is the timed 'reload' mechanic that allows you to skip the blaster overheat cooldown see section 04c . the outer rim update on 22 march 2016 added the 'teamplay focus' feature which allows you to tag an objective in multiplayer by looking at it and pressing square. the user interface now shows how many of

two worlds ii

two worlds 2/pirates of the flying fortress/marvin quests. single player, off-line only. before getting started, make sure you remove other mods, especially old installations of worldmerge, if you think whether or not these will conflict with the newer version of worldmerge.

dishonored 2

meagan's tips was to find the black market, and black markets cost dough, a loot run of the docks seems wise. don't worry about the swimming sections. these shallow waters are guarded by currents, so no hagfish appear. the waterfront has three docks; meagan's parked on the easternmost. steal a pouch from the workbench-using npc, then hop into

the legend of zelda: a link to the past

the last one he begs you not to accept, as it confers a sharply increased treasure drop rate at the horrifying cost of not being able to open your adventure pouch. obviously it's not quite as awful a fate as it's made out to be, but but it's certainly not worth it. when you eventually do collect 80 crystals, he'll be overjoyed, transform into a