cost of railing if deck is 54 linear feet

far cry 2

about mid-way between the far northwest safe house and the rail yard there is a small knoll. there is a briefcase 2 on top. northeast of the rail yard about mid-way between the tracks and the guard post is a derelict bus down off the road with a diamond briefcase 2 inside. south of the bus station there is a lake. near a large boulder in

spacex vine gives spectacular ground-level view of rocket

right rail - video promo - listing what america needs from its leaders during a crisis the professional backgrounds and training of retired four-star gen. stanley mcchrystal, dr. penny wheeler

nasa launches insight lander toward mars

in a first for the west coast, an atlas 5 rocket boosted a robotic mars lander into space saturday, the first step in a 171-day voyage to the red planet for a two-year, $1 billion mission

historic new england fishing industry faces warming world

in this thursday, may 19, 2016, photo, mike mohr, captain of the fishing vessel e.s.s. pursuit, cradles quahog clams on the deck of his ship while offloading a two-day haul at a dock in new

boeing issues windshield warning

the 777, boeing's newest, largest twin-engine jet, is among the most modern in the commercial fleet. it entered service in 1995, carries up to 550 people and costs between $153 million and $231

assassin's creed iv: black flag

turn around again and swim through the tunnel and up to the surface and climb out. after a short walk, jump back into the water and follow the linear tunnel to the smuggler's den. start by climbing up one of the beams to the railing and ledge assassinate the first smuggler and then kill his buddy beating up a slave in the corner. take cover by

mega man x4

the rail will not harm you just the head of the lance, the spike. you want to concentrate on the middle one then the top one then the bottom one, after you destroy the upper two you can feel free to hope right on down to that platform and blast the bottom lance. after thats taken care of destroy the pesky turret operator. you will then warp to area 2. ===----- - area 2 /// ''''' proceed up

spacex launches cargo to iss, fails landing attempt

the climb to space was picture perfect, but an attempt to land the rocket's first stage on a barge stationed some 200 miles east of jacksonville -- a key step in spacex founder elon musk's drive

tomb raider

the numerous linear sections notwithstanding, the open areas in which one can hunt animals and collect an extremely large amount of collectibles make up for the cheesy bits of storytelling here and there. as with other guides, i've previously talked about lifeworlds and what happens when one plays a videogame. in essence, your own personal or existential lifeworld temporarily merges with the

star trek mega-fan boldly goes where no home theater owner

for those who want a real insider's view of the whole set-up, you can watch anil's awesome video tour above. it gives you a real sense of everything that went into the theater, including all the


for crysis on the xbox 360, walkthrough by actsai. crysis level walkthrough about this this simple but complete guide is on delta difficulty; its my second run through crysis single player first on easy and got as far as the tank mission depending on your play style delta is not much harder than easy.

samsung, lg to unveil 105-inch curved tvs

samsung, lg to unveil 105-inch curved tvs december 19, 2013 / 10:48 am / ap samsung electronics co. and lg electronics inc. said their curved tvs will get bigger and sport the sharpness four times

the death penalty, beyond eye for an eye

the death penalty, beyond eye for an eye. by andrew cohen april 14, 2008 / 2:57 am / cbs attorney andrew cohen analyzes legal issues for cbs news and if the supreme court has made

metal gear solid v: the phantom pain

do this and you just need to escape the base and leave the hot zone on foot or via chopper to complete the mission. ***getting s rank once you know the layout and where the prisoner is, you can be in and out in a matter of minutes, securing enough of a time bonus to earn the s rank. ***completing all objectives 1. is completed by finding and extracting the target. 2. is done by extracting

spacex launches satellites, but booster landing fails

spacex launches satellites, but booster landing fails. by william harwood june 15, 2016 / 11:53 am / cbs news spacex launched a pair of communications satellites atop a falcon 9 rocket wednesday

tony hawk's underground

in addition, i've found that parks you just dive into start to look really linear and disconnected. if you just start by making a line, you usually end up with a park where the only skateable line goes around the edges of the map, and the middle is filled with random trash. worry about your gaps and goals until you're finished making the map. gaps and goals take up an infantecimal amount of

spacex launches first satellite in doubleheader

spacex launches first satellite in doubleheader. by william harwood june 23, 2017 / 4:05 pm / cbs news in the first of two rapid-fire weekend launches, a falcon 9 rocket using a previously flown

return to krondor

this does not seem fair to me that four men would have to return to krondor to baby sit one prizoner. the chapter is over. this is not a chapter. it is not even a page. perhaps it is long enough for a paragraph. chapter five: you hit the dust and stones of the road north and west arutha sends james, judhara, kendaric, and solon, a priest of ishap, north-west along the cost to raise the ship


this is a linear game so the story is told as it is. you can't do shortcuts although you can spend more time exploring an area. faq history i really had no intention of making a faq for xenogears when i first played this game. i have played the first part of disc 1 around 8 times already and i feel like i've memorized every twist and turn and jumps, too the reason for playing xeno many many

assassin's creed iv: black flag

follow the linear path here down a short way until you come across some enemy guards ahead. there will be two standing on the path in front, a third some distance away in a stationary position and a fourth patrolling back and forwards between the two positions. take them all out from stalking zones, starting with the patroller to make things easier or sneak by them. continue past the thatch