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so 'up to 200,000 diamond crystals' means you get less than two nano-sized diamond crystals per square millimeter. 'nano is simply a way of measuring very small things. nano technology builds products atom by atom and refers to materials one-billionths ofa sic meter in size'. yeah, so that means you could fit 1 million diamonds in a square

swanson and arnold spent the night in the station's quest airlock at a reduced pressure of 10 pounds per square inch to help purge nitrogen from their bloodstreams. this is a standard procedure to

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the west end of london ranked second at $124 a square foot. farther from the center of tokyo, office space costs still ranked as the third highest at $114 a square foot. by comparison, rents in

samsung p70 monitor review: samsung p70 monitor

the good the samsung syncmaster p2370 is low-priced, beautifully designed, and offers very good overall performance with full hd resolution. also, it's one of the lightest monitors we've tested of

real italian food vs. american italian food

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'it's hard for me to believe that it's already finished,' eyharts said of his seven-week stay in space. 'it has been a great flight, it was a great team and a great crew. i'd like to thank all who

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total storage capacity per island is also increased. - defensive tower, and various new ornamentals. - button that automatically plants fields around a farm. 2.8 is the expansion pack available in north america or australia? can i install a united kingdom expansion pack over a united states game? at the time of writing the expansion pack

australia's great barrier reef is fighting climate change

it previously cost the us government $1,620 per square metre to restore a coral reef in florida, for instance. the great barrier reef is 344,000 square kilometres. the great barrier reef is

'discovery, houston, great job by you and your crew,' replied astronaut charles hobaugh in mission control. 'that was a great landing in tough conditions and it was an awesome docked mission you

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of newtons x 1 meter= of joules imagine how many the electron volts the sun puts out every second knowing that the sun produces 300 septillion joules per second. that's a lot of electron