decking for ramps slippery slope

rayman origins

break free and slide down the slippery slope; a swingman should break your fall before plummeting into a fruit punch pool. swing to the left and enter the secret door. hidden room three psychlopes are residing over a hole, but you cannot defeat them as your miniature self. instead, use their noggins as stepping stones to reach a funnel at the other side. once you return to your normal

t'ai fu: wrath of the tiger

from here, if you run up the ramp behind you and hover to the next such cloud, you can find a health-up floating over the inside corner of that cloud you have to hover to it and back . if, from the starting platform, you go down the other slope, you can then hover to the right to the roof of a pagoda. if you jump off the edge and hover to the

the orange box

if moderately damaged at this point find the cache below and heal, otherwise ignore. at the 2 slippery ramps, grab a tire, move to the left side of the ramp and toss the tire at the left most tongue. slide down against the left wall of the ramp, turn left and jump off the side of each ramp. sprint to the xp; open it as the chopper salvo ends

tony hawk's pro skater 4

knee pads - behind the large wooden half pipe in the corner of the level. helmet 2 - from the knee pads, skate up the slope and into the long twisting half pipe that slightly resembles the snake slalom. the helmet should be to the right, at the dead end. elbow pads - behind the observation deck near the concrete half pipe. from where you start

tomb raider

note the circular structure with a ramp on top of it that acts as a seesaw when you step on it and then grab the yellow can nearby and drop it on the side nearest to the camp. use the ramp next to the seesaw to jump to platform in front of the statue, dropping another can, and then drop the yellow can on the seesaw. use a rope arrow on the tire

skies of arcadia legends

the hut is empty, so slide down the slope and climb the ladder in the next structure. in the circle surrounded by torches, ascend the small ramp and lift the door to encounter a treasure chest that contains sacri box '1' . back in the torch room, mount the ladder and exit the door to the ne. capture moonfish 9, descend the slide, and escalade

the legend of zelda: the wind waker

run up a ramp to the right, and drop down into a large area. youll have to fight an unarmed bokoblin here; if you l-target it and use the attacks orca taught you, you should defeat it easily. climb up onto a short tree stump, and jump onto a ledge. keep going and jump off a log ramp to another grassy area. some kargarocs drop two unarmed

the orange box

find the slippery slope barnacles camp over, and stay clear of the window unless you want to see just how dexterously that helicopter can fire . this same situation repeats once before a stair escorts gordon back into the open air. quickly run down to the nearest end of the area and get into a stairwell, 'fore freeman gets any hot lead poisoning. the sewer area beyond is simple and enemy

tomb raider ii

go up the first ramp you see and you'll fly over a ledge with several smaller ramps. turn left and go up the next ramp make sure you use x for a speed boost . turn left and jump another ramp. here, you need to turn left and ramp again, the ledge is a sloped platform, so take care not to slide off. after making that jump, go down the narrow

lego star wars ii: the original trilogy

using the force on it will turn it into a ramp up the slippery slope. climb up it to move on. area 2: assemble the box in front of you, and either blast or deflect the tuskens on the ledge. push the box all the way to the forward side and hop up to the ledge, then across to the next one, then down to safe ground. continue up the slope to find the jawa sandcrawler. after clearing the area of

batman: vengeance

here is 'secret key 1' pick it up and grapple back up the pipe you fell through. jump back up onto the slippery slope and continue sliding. be very careful when you get near the bottom that you don't fall into the next hole. for me, this was the hardest part of the game until i realized the right hand side isn't slippery ;- . once you're

dante's inferno

punish or absolve pietro della vigna and go forward. dante will slide down a slippery slope to a new section of the woods. destroy the three fountains for health, mana, and souls. grab the block on the side and push it towards the other side of the area. push it at the base of the slope, then hold b and release to push it upwards. with enough

alice: madness returns

once you come out on top, you can destroy the large glowing wall with your teapot cannon to escape. smash the boxes at the base of the ramp for some goodies, then head up the slope. smoke out of the hookah, then turn around and walk back down the slope; a wall begins glowing, which means you can destroy it. collect the radcliffe memory 1/19

far cry 2

if you descend to get the diamonds, return to the east hillside and work your way southwest to the mountainside. there is a grassy slope at the edge of that shoe-shaped mountain that will allow you climb the slope to locate the snipers platform located north of that shoe-shaped mountain. a sniper will be on or near the platform. take him out

lego star wars ii: the original trilogy

moving forwards triggers another group of three raiders, but these will re-spawn constantly until you go to the top most apart of the area and have ben use the force to re-assemble the crashed pod into a path up the one-way slippery slope. nothing else to do but collect some studs don't forget to user the force on the cans and the shovel , and

mario party: island tour

finally, the third segment is one in which you need to wait at the end of a fork in the path for a yellow platform. once on it, you can cross to the other yellow platform you can cross the diagonal corners if needed while they're at the furthest apart , then to the ramp bringing you to the end.


a pilot is out of fuel, one of the wheels on his landing gear is stuck and he's running out of time. if he tries to land with one wheel up the plane will crash and pilot will almost certainly die.


head along the 'bridge' and get the notes 17 . keep going along the tree. get the notes on the second bridge above the water 20 , then continue still along the tree. when you find the ramp heading up the tree, go up and kill the bird. talon trot up the slope and turn left where you'll find narrow branches. get the mumbo token and the extra

tony hawk's pro skater

glass gap: ramp off of the higer platform in the same area as big ass. make sure you head straight into the glass. wimpy gap: ollie over the grass to the streets from the purple ramps. deck gap: 'see above for location. except this gap has be done cover a wider part of the deck.' burly deck gap: 'just like the one above, except ollie over the

power moon list maps and/or images to be added

appendix power moon list maps and/or images to be added to everyone on this page, this format is only temporary until after i've completed the game fully myself.once that happens, i'm going to update this and give each power moon its own highlight box, instead of stuffing them all into a grid.

tomb raider: underworld

----- ----- find the ramp and use to it get out. climb onto the rock on the left hand side and pick up the chalice/goblet type thing. these are healthpacks. i will say this now, and only once, i will mention if there is a healthpack nearby but cant always be bothered :p if you find one, great. head over to the other side of the room and climb onto the rocks, vault onto the wall and shimmy