decking wood thickness caliper

inside tesla's first australian showroom pictures

tesla is preparing to open its first ever australian showroom and service centre, located in the heart of sydney. cnet took a tour to see how the first model s vehicles were being shown off on

black friday deals

the first holiday help desk of 2011 features hot black friday deals including giant hdtvs for under $200. donald bell joins us with his best tablet picks as well as cheapskate rick broida and john

10 homemade pizzas

when you want to bake a pizza, flour a board and your hands, saw off a clump of dough, stretch it to about 1/4 inch thickness, put it on a peel dusted with 1 semolina flour doesn't burn as easily as cornmeal and quickly spread your toppings on. at our house, we use our bbq grill pre-heated to 600 degrees or so, with a saltillo tile $2 to bake on for 5 minutes. it's important that the

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as grey climbed to one of the watch points of the lased rigs, the paranormal sound of moaning could be heard along the rickety old deck, as the thick-furred dog lied passively at the door to the

2006 jaguar xkr 2dr coupe 4.2l 8cyl s/c 6a

2006 jaguar xkr the 2006 jaguar xkr is the last model year of a body style that launched in 1997, to be replaced in late 2006 by the radically redesigned 2007 jaguar xk.

a guy with a spear vs a guy with a sword

a guy with a spear vs a guy with a sword 'a spear is made of wood, it can't block a sword ' yes. yes, it can. reality is not a movie or video game. physics is a thing. you are not going to be

can i safely cook with a silicone pot holder between a pot

read the can i safely cook with a silicone pot holder between a pot and induction cook surface? discussion from the chowhound cookware food community. join the discussion today.

is 2' really thick enough for an end-grain cutting board

read page 4 of the is 2' really thick enough for an end-grain cutting board? discussion from the chowhound cookware, cutting board food community. join the discussion today.

watanabe professional nakiri first impression with

i don't have a caliper. when i get one, i will report the thickness behind the edge. i do know its thickness behind the edge is not thin. the watanabe is slightly thinner than the tanaka nakiri, but nothing close to a cck. i certainly plan on reprofiling the knife by thinning the area behind the blade. i like the handle. it aligns well with the

worm found in halibut

we'd get pompano, red snapper, grouper, spanish mackerel and the occasional conch that would come up in the nets. once in a while i was allowed to go out on a short run. when the nets were brought up on deck and dumped out it was an amazing sight more sea creatures than i could name, even now. my dad was the cook in the family and he could

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superstay: . jameswest007:. standing at the crumbled path, puzzled between hundred pound slabs of stone pillars and bricks that made up the grave of the crumbled temple front, the setting sun