diy plastic bench producers

chemical recycling could be the answer to our single-use

recycling is only a partial solution because most products cannot be recycled. 'so with chemical recycling, we break down plastic to its core building blocks down to the molecular level

how to make homemade candy canes

you probably associate candy canes exclusively with cellophane wrapping, but homemade candy canes are not that hard to make, and theyre a fun christmas craft, not to mention a great homemade food gift.. the candy cane started out as a straight stick flavored with peppermint oil that was enjoyed in germany at christmastime.there is a theory that in 1670, a choirmaster in cologne shaped the

top potting and planting supplies deals at mysimon

compare products and shopping results for potting and planting supplies from has the best deals and lowest prices on potting and planting supplies

six free do-it-yourself smartphone stands pictures

the binder-clip stand two binder clips enter. one smartphone stand leaves. so pull a couple clips off of those business reports you've got stashed in your briefcase, then stick them together as shown.

indoor picnic tips, tricks and recipe ideas

if youd like an elevated dining surface but your coffee tables a bit too high, press a foot stool, low bench, or overturned bin, crate, or sturdy box into service. drape a piece of fabric like a patterned scarf or dish towel over it if it needs to be gussied up. of course, a lidded picnic basket also works as a little table too.

diy phone speakers that rock and a few to avoid

cups. this is probably the simplest diy speaker hack i came across. all you do is put your phone into a cup or ceramic mug. the sound from my phone did get louder, but it was distorted in the mug.

picobrew pico review: this automatic beer brewer sure

the good the picobrew pico automatically brews beer at the push of a button and goes through all of the stages of traditional brewing. you can buy a wide variety of prepackaged brewing ingredients

korner home security review: korner's diy security kit

the good the korner home security system will reliably sound an alarm if someone tries to enter your home through tagged doors and windows. you can buy in for less than $100. the bad the system is

diy your own sports drink with this smart water bottle

lifefuels is the keurig of water bottles and it tracks how much you drink. this smart water bottle dispenses up to three flavors into your water, and tracks your hydration.

diy scratched screen repair: magic and myths

i also tried toothpaste on a plastic screen protector, such as the kind that comes with otterbox phone cases. it worked great on that so it's a no for screens, but a yes for plastic screen

brining in trash bag?

read the brining in trash bag? discussion from the chowhound home cooking, brining food community. join the discussion today. join the discussion today. spicy kimchi bacon fried rice is the ultimate comfort food

the best tailgating gadgets and gear

the seven trust. don't even get me started with this amazing grill. seriously, i've been out of college and away from the tailgate scene for a few years and suddenly we're in the future.

trader joe's copycat recipes

everyone knows shopping at trader joes can be an anxiety-inducing experience. the crowded after-work rush, the snaking lines, the having to shove through people to get to the refrigerated sections along the perimeter of the store, the sinking feeling when youre a person away from checking out and just remembered that you forgot something all the way back in produce.

don't use vinegar in your dishwasher to get sparkling

it's true that white vinegar has some truly amazing cleaning powers. that's why it's used in so many diy cleaning products and store bought ones, too.. have you heard that you can use white

where to buy household goods if amazon, costco, walmart

where to buy household goods if amazon, costco, walmart are out of stock. here's how you can find work-from-home gear, heath care products, fitness equipment and more for delivery.

make your own star wars poe dameron x-wing suit on the

make your own star wars poe dameron x-wing suit on the cheap. this step-by-step video from 'diy costume squad' shows how you can hang a poe dameron x-wing costume made from everyday materials in