eco friendly ceramic tile flooring


there is kind of an arched entry built out of red bricks with some hanging greenery. the same red bricks climb along the walls at odd angles, with what look to be samples of square foot granite floor tiles, in assorted colors, posed in diamond position here and there above the red bricks. you just have to laugh at how the place looks, but dine

what do you set your hot cast iron cookware on?

i set a hot cast iron cookware on a metal trivet with feet and it got not only the trivet very hot but the little feet it sets on. i was afraid it would burn spots on my wood table. what do you all set your hot cast iron on when you remove it from oven or stove?

floor mat

i am looking into floor mat for the kitchen area , by the sink , stove top and island. i don't want to do the whole kitchen, just where i prep and cook. does anyone have suggestions? the problem is my feet and back start to hurt real bad , standing on hardwood floor, even after 10 min, makes it difficult to finish prepping or cooking.

seeking unglazed quarry tiles for baking

i want to make pizzas and hearth-type breads in my oven. several recipes i've encountered call for the oven to be lined with unglazed quarry tiles. i've been to flooring stores and all the tiles are glazed and coated. i'm simply looking for terra cotta tiles. it can be one large tile, big enough for a 12-14 inch pizza, or a few smaller tiles

watch my classic car episodes online season 16 2012

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my take on paris bistro in chestnut hill

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can you hear me now? the increasing noise level in restaurants

the deafening roar in many restaurants with non sound absorbent flooring, wall covering and tiles is designed to be that way. the blaring music adds to the effect. here in ny, restaurants that want to attract a young, 'hip' 'cool' crowd that drinks a lot at the bar eats quickly and moves on use this strategy. it enables them to turn over the tables rapidly.

sitting or standing in the kitchen?

the advantages that we found were that the tile is quite thick but very strong due to a titanium layer making it a bugger to cut lol , and that it could be butt joined as the tiles were rectified, and that the way it was installed, if we drop something on the floor and the floor for whatever reason is gouged aka a knife falls the wrong way , we can use a heat gun to lift up the tile and put

low-budget tile countertops: good or bad idea?

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going greener in your home

cork is also a great choice for flooring, and made of tree bark, which is an eco-responsible alternative to petroleum-based vinyl flooring and slow-growing hardwoods such as oak.

how do you know a quarry tile is safe to cook on?

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designing a new kitchen

since we have a gravel driveway and i garden, we chose ceramic tile for the floor. i do like the looks of a wood floor but it would have been a bad choice for us. but, tile floors are also hard on your legs. two basin sink, one the deepest available. a friend chose a single very wide sink because she makes large casseroles a lot and wanted

top border mexican decorative floor tile 6x13

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tam's fish and chips

the place itself is both a fish and chips and chinese restro yes it's a chinese owned mom and pop . it looks like it was renovated in the past 5 or so years, or well taken care of. open kitchen so you can see what they're doing. glass on white table clothes on the tables, ceramic tile floor, nothing fancy but clean and bright.