exterior light weight marine decking material with holes

timesplitters 2

walk up to his body and turn left, round the big house and up some steps on the exterior. at the top will be some sniper ammo from the guy you killed. collect it and open the door to find yourself in a small control center. go up to the far end of the room and activate the panel to open the door to the dam, then go out of the room and right along the planks. at the end is a hole in a roof

star ocean: the last hope international

return to the beginning of the caves and take the north path. hug the wall while you walk up this path; there is a hole in the wall that you can examine for blueberries x2 . do not examine the hole second time; liquid will spray your character and killer wasps will attack. you'll probably notice a side-path that is blocked by rocks, but you

do what thou wilt

a brief history of the new visage that is the drifter.2.0-----i come from the outer dark regions of paradox, not a killer nor depraved psychopath nor mindless murderer rather an angel of death

metal gear

several years later, in the year of 2007, otacon got a tip from someone calling themselves 'e.e.'. otacon recognized the name as her step-sister's nickname. the tip was that a tanker loaded with a new marine developed metal gear prototype was being transported upriver. philanthropy dispatched once more to take pictures of the new metal gear in

resident evil 0: hd remaster

you'll get a camera shot showing the hole in the roof, and the game will suggest that you use something to climb up there. use the hookshot here to get onto the roof. chapel roof run across the roof and climb down the ladder you come to. chapel exterior throw the switch near the ladder to activate the elevator in this area. pick up the red herb

metroid prime trilogy

----- token 1: save the marines from pirates in port observation deck. ----- token 2: save the marine from crawltanks in xenoresearch lab. ----- token 3: save the marine from aeromines in repair bay shaft. in order to do so, once you enter repair bay a, go as fast as you can to the top of the room, get the missile launcher, destroy the obstructions and open the blast doors first with a hand

battlefield 4: china rising

instead of turning right and exiting the water you'll need to collect the dogtag that's stuck to a column to the left of the closed door that's right in front of you. o u100 mk 5 light machinegun during the firefight on the exterior deck of the titan you'll find a section on the left where you can drop down into a corridor below. there will

resident evil 0: hd remaster

he's an ex-marine. enrico marini bravo teams leader and weskers second in command for the s.t.a.r.s. unit. enrico feels threatened by the arrival of the alpha team, thinking that chris or barry may end up replacing him as 2 to wesker. nonetheless, enrico is a dedicated s.t.a.r.s. operative and is always proud to lead the unit when wesker lets him. s.t.a.r.s. special tactics and rescue

mass effect

the normandy, however, is able to temporarily sink this heat within the hull. combined with refrigeration of the exterior hull, the ship can travel undetected for hours, or drift passively for days of convert observation. this is not without risk. the stored heat must eventually be radiated, or it will build to levels capable of cooking the

medal of honor frontline

a hole will have appeared in the wall, crawl through it and follow the tunnel to the end. next climb the ladder and kill the nazis. plant the explosives on the torpedos objective 2, and move on. in the next room are two medical canteens and four enemys, kill them and move into the next room, remember this room because you will have to exit the ship from here, it is the control room. anyways

spruce up for outdoor living

with a little bit of know-how, getting your outdoor living areas ready for a new season doesn't have to be a big chore. cleaning the deck pressure-treated lumber can look dingy after lots of

rick groen's profile

scrape off its grimy exterior, and it too is a fairy tale, but one with ambitions of realism, one that tries to co-exist in our world, one that pretends to be something it isn't. frankie and johnny ends up lost in limboland, stumbling onto a whole new genre - call it kitchen-sink unrealism. 11 oct 1991

why not install a car stereo into the kitchen wall

why not install a car stereo into the kitchen wall? why not just build a small cubby hole in the wall and buy an all-in-one receiver/dvd player? this will be native a/c, it will have standard

valkyria chronicles

a sensitive soul dwells within the angelic exterior of this young boy who volunteered for service despite his frail constitution. pain and misfortune yield blissful joy for this twisted cherub, a trait that likely explains his choice to join the war effort. he remained in the militia, ignoring the concerns of those around him. his grace while cutting across the field, smile on his face, has

the cataclysm

the beam struck her WPC and coruscated over it like purple lightning. her body was flung into a nearby building and crashed through the wall, leaving behind a smoking hole in the building

new gear for camping

the north face roadrunner: a roomy backpacking tent with great ventilation and giant doors that comes with glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls so there is no fumbling to get out of it at night.

resident evil 0: hd remaster

ok now its time to check out the hole the giant bat came through , remember i asked you to bring the hookshot with you, but before you cehck the hole some serious backtracking time . head back to the training facility and bring back all the items you left there to the chapel main hall, doing this will give you alot of herbs aswell so its

hitman: blood money

- turn left and partially climb the trellis and wait for the gator guard to enter the door on the deck above. - climb and wait by the door and sneak follow the gator guy along the deck. he will eventually stop by the rail and you can push him over the edge. - go back along the deck and into the door where the gator guy went. - sedate the purser

final fantasy iv: the complete collection

now take the door to the south to reach the outdoor upper deck of the castle. follow the path to the door on the east side to take you to the east tower. grab the treasure chest on this floor and head up to 2f. here we have the vase room of the east tower. first check the WPC display for a kokkol ore. this room also has a secret passage. to reach it, walk south and stand beside the vase on

space marines respect thread

space marines respect thread able to 'read' or absorb genetic material consumed by the marine, the omophagea transmits the gained information to the marine's brain as a set of memories or