fire extinguisher floor marking requirements


carefully make your way through the room making sure not to trip the laser grids and blow up the fire extinguisher at the end. jump on the rail and over to the chandelier and swing across to the other side. grab the first aid kit and enter the elevator to the next floor and prepare for the next boss battle. ----- boss battle vlad ----- during

lego city undercover

fire fighter - for his fire station infiltration, chase gets this fancy uniform of heroes. fire extinguisher - in addition to putting out any rogue fires, the extinguisher can also be used to momentarily push back foes. fire axe entry - certain doors are boarded up and have a red circle in front of them. repeatedly press a to smash your way in

hitman: blood money

there's a baseball bat on the wall, a fire extinguisher on the floor where the guard is and a hammer on the desk. pick your choice. after you killed your target, look left and climb out via the window out the office. look left and you'll see a bomb and a detonator. pick them up and continue forwards. you'll see another window, climb through it. sneak your way to the winch and plant a bomb

batman: arkham asylum

grapple back up to the upper floor of the sanatorium, and make your way to the western side of it. go into detective mode and look for a detonable part of the floor not in a cubicle . set the explosive gel on there and stand clear of the floor when you detonate it, so that you won't fall through. ok, now stand next to the square

dead rising 2

clear a path and then grab and fire the fire extinguisher to put out the flame - the extinguisher will freeze zombies, so it is pretty cool. go in and feel free to close the door. talk to them twice and elrod and trixie will join. lead them out to the platinum strip. * you should have just two additional quests in your log, code blue and once bitten. for now, just take trixie and elrod back to

resident evil code: veronica

go through the door and retrieve the ammunition,fire extinguisher and ink ribbon you stored in the safety box at the beginning of the head back to the place where you made zombie fast food.pick up the green herb by the barrel then enter the door. you are now in the infirmary.take the bullets off the box and take the f aid spray from

the guide

an item of note is the fire extinguisher. you definitely need them in the aurora and cannot progress without them, but while you can craft them, it's not recommended. there are fire extinguishers littered throughout the aurora. if you want to bring some in case you miss one inside, i only suggest bringing one extra.

katamari damacy

level requirements ----- to finish a level, you must make the katamari a certain size before time runs out. here's the size requirements for the make a star levels, the make a moon level, and the make the north star level. tips - don't try to pick up everything, once you are able to, pick up bigger items. - don't go back to collect items you

broken sword 5: the serpent's curse

pour turpentine into the scaffolding paint can strike oil drum g strike paint can f strike oil drum g strike fire extinguisher b strike paint can on the left a strike oil drum g pearl's spiritual awakening occurs when all three portions are complete. talk to pearl show la maledicció or hobbs

zombies ate my neighbors

nou you can go in peace. if the fire-on chuckies are bothering you, just make a good use of the fire extinguisher. ----- level 18: squidmen of the deep 8 monster: -fishmen bonus: -fish fry bonus there is jus one thing left to say about this stage: keep an open eye on those swimming neighbors, because there are many of them. i use a kinda


nothing too interesting. interrupt the party by gunning them down, then taking out the top assault rifle guard, and the one behind the truck on the left. a horde of about 10 guards will arrive behind various stacks of meat shelves and what not. take shelter behind the nearby pillar with the fire extinguisher, and pick them off one by one. if

syphon filter: dark mirror

the hidden evidence is on the body. when you will pic-up will start an unique cut scene >>>hidden evidence 1/3<<< 2 after you dismount the machine gun, search for two destroyed boats, then turn to the right, there is an avenue. a fire extinguisher will confirm the right path. then go to the bottom. there is a dead body, the hidden evidence is

the thing

there is also a fire extinguisher on the floor. head up the ramp to activate power for the room. the power supply is on the wall opposite the ramp. have stolls repair it. begin reading the pc information. once you pass the second row of desks, a walker will burst from the wall as well as a couple scuttlers. kill them and continue reading the pcs. also, the last desk on the left has two flame

timesplitters 2

use the fire extinguisher for the fire to open the door. shoot the sniper ahead and get his dragunov. use the lift and launch a grenade up into the alcove a turret is there . while the lift goes down, fire at the dark sniper up ahead. go up the lift and go along the balconies to where the dark sniper was. theres a cache of goods here, although on hard, people would want to skip the lift

grabbed by the ghoulies

the challenge 21 guide this guide will give advice about how to defeat challenge 21 of grabbed by the ghoulies the challenge is called 'play it again, son ' . you can access this challenge by getting a gold rating in each of the previous 20 challenges see my other guide for this game if you're having trouble doing that . some global knowledge

everblue 2

the robot is on the first level, in the mess hall. it is out of sight, under a table, so you will have to take the table away first. the table you want is one in a corner of the mess hall with a fire extinguisher on the floor next to it. once you have the toy, present it to the kid to receive the soccer kid's shell of gratitude. u. alison

zero escape: the nonary games

- take the red and blue handles from the pipe. - look at the buttons and you will see a baby. this is also related to the poster you picked up earlier. if you count the babies there are 4, so punch the 4 button. - zoom out and look at the fire extinguisher box. you need to have the pin in your hand the circle on the upper left of the corner

condemned: criminal origins

once he is finished, fire axe the elevator room door and enter. use the health kits if necessary and pull the lever in the room. quickly look through the window to the right to see something crawl across the floor in the nearby room. creepy. fire axe the other door, and make a left and head towards where you saw the creeper. use the fire axe on

batman: arkham city

grapple to it then use the line launcher to start across the room to the other side toward the war room . as you move toward the center fire the line launcher again toward the trophy. unlocks lost city extreme challenge map; under a floor grating on the bottom floor under the entrance in the room with freeze's suit.


next to the desk is a fire extinguisher and a box of supplies. on the floor there's a toolbox and another box of supplies. three books have been added to the bookshelf: death strikes at three by richard sturgeon, the patriots by donald anderson, and the birds of wyoming by george sinclair. donald anderson may be a reference to donald anderson, a member of the patriots from the metal gear

syphon filter: dark mirror

complete walkthrough for syphon filter: dark mirror ps2 introduction ===== this document is a complete walkthrough for syphon filter dark mirror, based on the playstation 2 version of the game. as a result, it may occur that some information the i give does not apply to the psp version. i'll try to make it clear in that event. by the way, if

metal gear solid v: the phantom pain

lay on the ground and lay still next to the bodies until a scene plays. heal your injured leg after this and follow your friend downstairs, where he'll open a door for you. immediately move to the right and stay out of sight. when you have the fun, shoot the fire extinguisher, then follow your friend. if you don't want to kill the next two

steel battalion

wash button - press to wash the main camera's lens, clearing away dirt from falling or enemy fire. extinguisher button - press to put out internal fires will flash when necessary chaff button - press to release chaff to confuse enemy missiles the button will flash when a missile is locked on you. main weapon button - press to cycle through

star wars: knights of the old republic ii

youll find a large room with two automated fire extinguisher systems. switch to a blaster to dispose of them both. head inside and loot away. in the next room youre greeted with more mining droids, and a computer. dispose of the droids. the computer will open the dorms to your left dont go in just yet. instead, head through to the rest of the area. youll encounter more droids

batman: arkham origins

it is possible to slow him down using the glue grenade, and you can use the fire extinguishers at each corner of the room to help make your getaway. you can hide in the grates under the floor, but be warned; if bane sees you he can punch through the grate and damage you. one thing bane cannot do however is he cannot reach into the wall vents in

deponia: the complete journey

take dentist's drill from medical area take dissector's scalpel from medical area use balloons on laughing gas obtain 'balloon filled with laughing gas' use countertop switch to change area to police mode inspect police box feet fetters thrown on floor switch room to firefighter mode take asbestos gloves by pole take fire extinguisher from counter-area box

grand theft auto: san andreas

the fire will obviously hurt you, so stay away from it. in some cases, fire blocks the doorways. grab the fire extinguisher in the kitchen so you can put the fire out at key places. do not worry about all of the fire; just put out the fire that is in your way to the girl. the girl is upstairs, on the opposite side of the house.

medal of honor: rising sun

introduction ===== information medal of honor: rising sun faq/walkthrough author: aaron baker version: 1.8 email: ns java games at guide introduction i have always been a big fan of the medal of honor series, since i got the first medal of honor game back in about year 2001. the game was so fun, and was just about the best first