floor furnace grate

missing a trophy from the steel mill?

start by climbing down through one of the floor grates in the loading bay underneath the manager's office. once you're in the crawlspace beneath the floor, follow the short tunnel and take the first left, follow the tunnel down and make another left, then follow that down until you can turn right.

half-life: they hunger

talk to the priest, and get him to follow you, just so that you can move him out of the way of the window. break the right stained glass window and a hand zombie will come out. kill him then walk into the window area. break the grate on the floor and jump down. break the second grate and you will then be in radiology. in this room, you will


-open door and go through it. furnace ----- -if you open the door, a dragon will appear, blocking your path. -use orb on the fire, this releases the water elemental which will put out the fire and kill the dragon. -open door and go through door. grate ----- -use gear on empty gear spot on left. -use entraiz spell on grate to open it. -use bar

thief: deadly shadows

1 purse of coins - 50 gold - 82% - in an unlocked chest that is near where the silver goblet listed above is located. 1 oil flask - in the same chest as the purse of coins listed above. 1 gas arrow - in a floor grate that is blowing smoke that is near the office area. 1 gold pitcher - 175 gold - 89% - on a desk in the foreman's office. 1 gold

still life 2

look at the grate on the floor; you see a severed hand. try to open the grate; it's stuck. use the metallic tube on the grate to open it. try to pick up the severed hand; you have to deal with the rats first. use the dry powder extinguisher on the hand. take the key from the hand. go to the door and use the key on its lock to unlock it. open the door to enter the room with the electric chair


bring the statue back to the foyer and ride the lift down to the second floor and then head down the stairs to the first floor and enter the room on the right. you can now place the statue on the light-colored tile with a small triangular indentation - 1 forward and 3 left of the pedestal in the center of the room - to raise a new pedestal.

5 tips to keep your home cool and hvac happy

brian bennett/cnet in the winter, a furnace, typically fueled by natural gas although propane or electricity are also common energy sources , helps keep rooms warm.

luigi's mansion: dark moon

first star is located on the floor near the ne gargoyle statue, so grab it and shoot it back into the pattern anywhere - doesn't matter . b. second star is actually shooting in the sky on a loop. just use the poltergust on it when it passes by and re-attach it to the sky. c. third star is hanging in the mouth of the sw gargoyle statue. give the statue a light burst with your flashlight and

god of war: ascension

you'll be back in the furnace after the sequence. ch25 ***** chapter 25: the furnace ***** operate the gear to the right to lower the gate, then operate the next gear for the machinery to pull the lantern higher. the current floor will only ascend if you throw enemies to the fire. make sure you weaken the enemies first so you can easily grapple

divinity: original sin

he immediately gets chastised by masamune, the proprietor of the smithy. the tenebrium smithy, of course, sells tenebrium infused weapons and shields. the shop has tons and tons of tenebrium ore and tenebrium bars. there is a wooden staircase in the northeast that leads to the upper floor of the shop where you can loot some things.

sly cooper: thieves in time

jump to the furnace and carefully make your way around and jump from one furnace to another until you reach the control panel. to successfully hack the system, you have to tilt your controller to make use of its motion sensor. avoid falling off the grid and collect the charges to increase your time a bit. you don't have to collect all charges successfully reach the end of the circuit to

edna and harvey: the breakout

key making ----- take the laundry lift to the basement. leave this room, then go through the door on the left to reach the furnace. use the potholder from the kitchen on the furnace grate to open it. use the key imprint on the furnace, then use the potholder to take it out of the furnace. edna now has a key mold. use the gold medal from king


now, go over by the lamp post and get one of the grates - it will come loose. now, use the grate/spear on the sewer grate to open it - now, go down into the sewer/underground. once underground, get the pieces of the chair in the junk pile on the right - you should get 3 pieces. go over and open the furnace and use the chair pieces in the


there is plenty of darkness here. the furnace will open every few seconds and spread light over the place, so you need to swoop across the floor from cover to cover as soon as the furnace is closed to avoid being detected. near the end of the room, turn on your focus. there is a grate you can use to climb up in order to reach the general's room

metroid prime trilogy

07 parasite queen: only available in the space pirate frigate it's the boss . 08 scarab: these are the small explosive monsters that swarm the tunnels of the chozo ruins. 09 aqua reaper: these can be found in the space pirate frigate ruins of the tallon overworld. 10 triclops: these are found under floor grates in magmoor. 11 puffer: the


one floor grate can be covered by the pushable box. when there's no danger of environmental danger, there should be two spots for hermes to appear: the floor grate not covered by the pushable box, and the one in front of the furnace. to beat hermes, he must appear in front of the boiler and be blown into its open entrance via the steam pipe

the char-broil smartchef uses an app, grills tasty food

under the smartchef's grates are its infrared emitters, steel plates absorb heat and radiate it to food above. chris monroe/cnet to the right of the main cooktop is an auxiliary side burner