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lego marvel super heroes

move to stark tower. at the front of the building, use the shield to destroy the letters above the door. this reveals a switch for captain america to release the first gate. now switch to iron man and activate the console. tap square on the arrows until the current reaches the end two taps on each and we will enter stark's home.

the witcher 3: wild hunt

novigrad secondary quests continued sigismund djikstra. location: can be found in his usual bathhouse hangout in novigrad or in the hidden meeting room in the passiflora depending on story progression. djikstra plays with a northern realms deck and will rely on a mainly siege line approach with plenty of siege engines.

the witcher 3: wild hunt

your newly acquired key will open the grating on the north side of the room. go through here and climb the ladder in the next area for a scene. defeat the bandits that attack you and exit the room via the door indicated to find yourself in the putrid grove.

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assassin's creed syndicate

follow it to the end and you'll find an open grating at ground level. if you haven't already, use your eagle vision to identify and mark guards in the room behind the grating and in the areas to the left as well. wait for the closest enemy on the left to start walking away and when you are good to go, slide through the grating.

hidden mysteries: titanic

hidden mysteries:titanic:secrets of the fateful voyage walkthrough platform:pc by:puzzle master randy taylor jr. april 10th,1912-8:42 am 1st class boarding talk to your husband,robert and thomas about giving thomas your boarding pass, but your boarding pass seems to be missing.

the witcher 3: wild hunt

we will now need to escape from the prison. either retrace your steps into the sewers and use the sewer key we found to unlock the grating and make your way out through one of the homes or return to the courtyard with all the witch hunters, climb up to the wall and drop down at the location indicated.

read user reviews and submit your own for the elder

but again, its not really skill, its simply stacking your deck and then waiting to see if youre lucky enough to out-curve your opponent. as a minor aside, the voice overs are quite grating- especially the announcer in the arena area. expand

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greeting card designer

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the witcher 3: wild hunt

when you are free to move again, move up to the warped grating in front and use witcher sense to detect a section of weak wall to the right. use aard to knock it down. go through the new entrance and approach the yellow search area on the mini-map. after another brief chat, drop down the hole in the floor. there is a group of six drowners

the witcher 3: wild hunt

the first challenger you come up against runs a nilfgaardian empire deck with some high value hero cards such as letho of gulet' and his deck has a focus on infantry/ranged units and tight bond cards. he'll most likely use a spy card at some point and will also use a medic card or two to revive either spy cards or high value strength cards

the witcher 3: wild hunt

following a brief scene, you'll be in combat on the deck of a ship. help fight off the invading pirates there are a good 8-10 of them making sure to take care of the crossbowmen first and the shielded enemies last as per usual. once you have killed a sufficient number, another scene will play.

resident evil: revelations

your destination is the deck but i suggest going to the bridge first and open the safe there to get an illegal custom part inside the briefing room in the level as the elevator. now return to the elevator and take the deck level this time. there's also another safe here containing an illegal custom part. now head outside and wait for the hunters to attack. have your shotgun ready and repel

grand theft auto v

inside a broken grating that just west of a dirt ramp leading up to the street to the bridge linking this area with elysian island. el burro heights, los santos - if you have uncovered the world map, there are three small islands directly south and off the coast of el burro heights. there is a spaceship part on the middle island.

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go up the stairs to the upper level. go down the hallway. there's a sign on the wall that lists the functions carried out at site omicron: medical research facilities, advanced mariculture, and home of the acr abyss climbing rig . go into the main entrance. there are four headless bodies. go into containment f2. override the upper level

batman: arkham knight

a million dollar home for a spoilt child, his parents are dead but his parties are wild. from the top of the monorail station on the waterfront, just west of the wayne international plaza building if you look across the water to the west you should be able to spot a large mansion, which i'm guessing by the riddle is wayne manor. scan this