grey painted fence panels

lego batman: the videogame

smash the nearby painting and assemble the rest of the ladder, then smash the painting further on to find a lever. pull it, then glide across to the right and pull the next lever. this raised two panels inside the cage so you can send a penguin bomb in and it will blow up the whole mess. new characters: catwoman catwoman classic 67,000

lego marvel's avengers

crimson dynamo - he is located at the back right corner of sokovia. he is thinking about a palette change. find him the four spray paint cans so he can make his final decision. they are all marked on the mini map by red dots. the yellow can is found inside a nearby building. move to the balcony and destroy a box. use the pieces to build a

half-life 2

there will be a spray painted lambda symbol above a pried open grate. go ahead and climb through it. you'll exit on the other side of the fence that was preventing you from continuing, and now you can follow that fence until it ends at the mouth of the next tunnel. you'll be able to get past the force field below, and continue down the railroad

lego jurassic world

for lego jurassic world on the xbox 360, faq/walkthrough by cyricz. alan grant, timmy murphy, gray mitchell cut - certain characters come equipped with an item that can be used to slash through green sparkly vines that cannot otherwise be passed. they can also use this item to cut through ropes that suspend items aloft. most often a knife is used, but some people like to employ raptor


red gem: at the area that has the parking lot, go to the west end and have gooigi head through the fence. with gooigi, plunger the electrical box near the chest and then strobulb the green light. blue gem: head to the northeast side of the parking lot and plunger the square gray panel. through it, walk down the catwalk and have googi slip

resident evil 2

leon walkthrough by dloh resident evil 2 f.a.q from davis loh j. y. alien xenomorph leons first scenario from the starting point, clear a path through the zombies and make your way to the gun shop.

jill valentine: advanced mode

pillar passage. grab the herbs and go further into the room. poor richard use the other door. note: while richard's fate is the same no matter if you give him the serum or not, i have neglected to give him the serum in advanced mode so you can see the alternate scene. all you will miss out on if you do not give him the serum is the radio, and it is not required to complete the game.

lego star wars ii: the original trilogy

in here, go around and destroy the grey lego cylinders and the wall panels with flashing red lights, and build three droids out of piles of lego blocks, all to receive some studs and clear a little space. now, pull the lever along the back wall; this brings out a movable block. push it along the brown tracks in the floor. whenever you reach a flashing red panel in the ground, the block will

the last of us

crawl under the metal fence near the burning barrel on the street and make your way around the truck to stab another hunter and then proceed past the truck and through the mesh fence. follow the left side of the street to another alley, where you'll hear more hunters, and wait by the hole in the stone wall for two hunters split up enough that

lego harry potter: years 1-4

near the door to the main hall is a painting of a quidditch player with a quaffle. shoot it and the quaffle will be passed up to another painting. go up the stairs and find this painting and shoot it. shoot the third painting of a quidditch player to make the quaffle go all the way to the top landing. head up there to claim your gold brick.


basically, you need to find iron ore. you only need two to complete the quest, but it's recommended you at least sixteen, so that you can smelt them down into eight iron bars, enough to make an anvil. it's found in the ground and is a grey/dark grey with a few small orange specks in it. it's unfortunately not that common, so it might take a

omikron: the nomad soul

you may also use the action button on the painting of the dude on the wall to learn a little. when you're done leave the room. go to the elevator and you'll receive a message on your sneak. now go to the -4 floor and go through the highly guarded room. talk to the lady there to learn a little. after the conversation pick up the three items. you should get two notes and a key. read the notes

uncharted 4: a thief's end

wait for the enemy in grey on the upper level to walk away and then back jump to the pillar and shimmy right before you climb up, stopping on the top ledge. make sure the enemy in grey still has his back to you before you pull up and then jump to the wall on the right and shimmy around out of sight.

titanic: adventure out of time

when the bag is one the gray panel, next to the life preserver, bring it up to the screen, right on the trunk. 3. this will open the trunk. once you open the trunk, click on one of the bottom two drawers on the left side of it. it contains a cryptograph. flip the switch at the bottom to 'decode'. also make sure you click on the green and red wires at the top. they will bring themselves up to

dark fall 3: lost souls

room 3f e. bonuses f. legal ===== \ a. overview \ ===== dark fall 3 is a first-person 'point and click' game, meaning that the entire game is controlled exclusively using the mouse. the arrow cursor will change icons depending on what action you can perform at that spot, depending on what you are holding the cursor over. you can tell what objects you can interact with in this way. you move

x-men legends

the control panel puts the fire out if you don't have iceman or storm. go through the door. into conversion sequencer. use the x-traction point only if you have a lot of time left. when ready continue on through the room. use the control panel at the left corner to open the door on the right. you will need jean grey to push the large bar into