growth forecasts gas assisted injection technology

10 foods that technology has transformed techrepublic

10 foods that technology has transformed. use of technology: harvesting cow farts methane gas with backpacks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. an injection that increases milk

kevorkian murder trial ordered cbs news

a michigan judge has ordered dr. jack kevorkian to stand trial on a charge of murder and assisted suicide. kevorkian is charged with the death by injection of thomas youk, who had lou

us: no electronic flaws in toyotas cbs news

the transportation department, assisted by engineers with nasa, said its 10 month study of toyota vehicles concluded there was no electronic cause of unintended high speed acceleration in

hurricane harvey, houston, texas flooding, second landfall

he said louisiana would assist for 'however long it takes,' saying the state owes its western neighbor a debt for its aid in 2005. edwards says, 'twelve years and a day ago,

tumor patients get cold treatment cbs news

tumor patients get cold treatment september 9, 2002 / 2:43 pm / ap robin imhof watched, fascinated, as her doctor stuck a needle into the dime sized lump in her breast and pumped freezing

ford charges electric, hybrid strategy cnet

ford charges electric, hybrid strategy. ford's newly named director of global electrification forecasts rapid growth for hybrids and markets for battery electric and plug in hybrid

the disrupters: 10 trends that could change your business

'with costs on the rise and access to the healthcare system expanded, the technology and services sectors are poised for growth,' says bob higgins, harvard business professor and

what are the bills donald trump has signed? cbs news

what are the bills donald trump has signed? the bill directs nasa 'to encourage women and girls to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics stem , pursue careers

2009 articles roadshow

borgwarner turbo technology gives cng powered cars a boost 2010 gas guzzlers: land rover range rover sport fuel economy with direct injection nov 17, 2009 . audi's a5 goes

cap and trade: what it will cost you cbs news

cap and trade: what it will cost you. declining limit on greenhouse gas emissions that some claimed would raise the average households energy bill by $3,100 per year. who was the

more from health news page 319 cbs news

read page 319 of the latest health news, headlines, stories, photos, and video from cbs news. more than 1,560 guard members have been activated across 22 states to assist the

aging baby boomer drivers a growing concern cbs news

aging baby boomer drivers a growing concern. federal gas tax revenue is already forecast to decline as mandatory auto fuel economy improvements kick in. the rate of growth in

lessons of mount st. helens cbs news

but thats just one aspect of the astounding transformation of mount st. helens, reports cbs news correspondent jerry bowen. the site of the disaster that took 57 lives and caused $200

issue brief: energy and environment cbs news

natural gas. hydraulic fracturing technology, or 'fracking' generates usable natural gas from underground shale rock deposits by fracturing the rock with a pressurized injection

death machine to live again cbs news

death machine to live again. who is serving a 10 to 25 year prison sentence for the 1998 death by injection of a lou gehrig's disease patient, also used a device that employed

9 industries using virtual reality techrepublic

virtual reality has been tied to gaming for a while, but as the technology progresses, more and more uses are surfacing. it's being used in many industries in various capacities, very

10 ways technology is fighting climate change techrepublic

people are starting to heed the warnings of climate scientists by harnessing technology to slow the rate of rising seas and warming temperatures. here are 10 ways tech is doing its part.

fora economy season 2008

fora economy season 2008 episode guide on watch all 191 fora economy episodes from season 2008,view pictures, get episode information and more.

smart cities: 6 essential technologies techrepublic

smart cities: 6 essential technologies. 'the pervasiveness of technology and the expansion of open data policies is about to unleash an economic growth engine for urban innovation

the fab 40 who paved the way for a green revolution cbs news

the fab 40 who paved the way for a green revolution. by michael kanellos into diesel and diesel like technology for gas came back from the brink of death after an injection of cash

prescriptive analytics: a cheat sheet techrepublic

technology has given us the ability to forecast enterprise trends and predict success in ways the business leaders of yesterday couldn't fathom. the oil and gas industry makes

nightly business report season 2011

nightly business report season 2011 episode guide on watch all 241 nightly business report episodes from season 2011,view pictures, get episode information and more.

2011 ford shelby gt500 review: 2011 ford shelby gt500

the bottom line although excellent for showing off to friends and attending track days, it will be tough to live with the 2011 ford shelby gt500 on a daily basis because of ride quality