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sword art online: hollow fragment hollow mission guide

introduction this guide is a list of hollow missions, how to activate them, their location, and requisites compiled by a few great members of our boards. thanks go out to amoremanos and sword0flight for helping to proof and compile this list for the users of this board. this guide is valid for the 1.03 update available to users of the na/eu version after september 23rd, 2014.

halo: the master chief collection

at the very beginning of the level, climb down the hill with the anti-air battery that you destroyed in the previous mission into what looks like a small, flood-infested commercial area. as you are making your way down the hill you should see a fence on the left, another, smaller aa turret in front of you to the right and a building directly

the 4th riku battle is impossible, how do you beat him

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what are some unorthodox decks that you love?

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fallout: new vegas

corrosive glove ----- a semi-unique scientist glove that does acid damage in addition its weak normal damage on a crit. dr. mobius's glove unique scientist glove ----- a wacky weapon causes a heavy energy weapon and perception penalty to be applied to target on a hit. critical hits deal both knockback and actually frenzy creatures and

kingdom hearts 2 tips, tricks, and strategies

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best place to level up 'before' hollow bastion? possible

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kingdom hearts hd i.5 ii.5 remix

see d.j. for details. ----- command board conqueror -description: win each playable command board -grade: bronze -difficulty: 3/10 -notes: you can earn this trophy by winning regular games, winning in the mirage arena, or some combination of the two. you will end up doing plenty of both for the reports: a few unique shotlocks, focus block

is the hate against fallout 76 legitimate or just

did a nice beefy quest, and the finale was an exp bonus, and lower ranked gear. it felt like a shallow ending to the quest too. i also stumbled upon a new city. i was excited to explore it, until it hit me there are no npcs, no life, just enemies. big surprise in was right. dont worry there was a hollow deck about how they died. really.

hollow areas and missions and 160;

hollow areas and missions . at this time, there are 156 known hollow missions, including unrepeatable hollow missions, story hollow missions, and quest hollow missions.

pigeons took toll on failed bridge

although investigators have yet to identify the cause of the bridge's aug. 1 collapse, which killed at least 13 people and injured about 100, the pigeon problem is one of many factors that dogged

star ocean: integrity and faithlessness

these walking hulks of hollow WPC resemble the miniboss fight you encountered in the western dakaav tunnel earlier, and the method for fighting them remains the same. equip air slash on both the long range light and heavy attacks, then just keep away from the brutes and switch back and forth between light and strong air slash attacks to build