how much is a square meter of decking in south africa

the big seven: china's up-and-coming technology companies

china's star as a competitive economy is on the rise -- and businesses worldwide need to take a look at the constellation of seven technology companies that is ascending with it.

legaia 2: duel saga

all you need to do to win is hit the x button to throw the knife when both meters are in the center. the vertical meter moves at a fairly constant rate, but be careful- the horizontal meter can speed up or slow down dramatically- though it will only do this at the left or right side, never in the middle. just be patient, and take your shot when

how wineries from oregon to france are adapting

adapt or die: how much is our climate changing? severe drought in south africa's western cape caused a 15 percent drop in the grape harvest, officials announced in may, saying wine prices will

the extraordinary designs of thomas heatherwick

heatherwick studio was hired to redesign a 650,000-square-meter shopping mall, office and residential complex in hong kong. new details were added - as was an increased amount of natural light

the slave ship

mozambique island rises from the indian ocean, south of the equator. it was one of the points in what was called the triangular trade -- goods from europe to africa, slaves to the new world. and

clearing angola's land mines where princess diana

james martin/cnet unita was the rural right-wing peasant party backed by south africa and the us. by the time fighting ended in 2002, half a million people had died, more than 4 million were

star wars: knights of the old republic

- keep repeating this process until he goes down. - after you defeat him, you can choose whatever conversation choices that you want. - there are 2 different endings, one for the light side, and one for the dark side. congratulations, you have beaten star wars: knights of the old republic ----- 4-k. a quest for the star forge there are 5 star

assassin's creed

one is stationary while the other moves around the square. take out the patroling target when he reaches the alley opposite the stationary target. informer 2: south find the 18 flags in and return within 3 minutes and find out: talals loyal followers will sacrifice themselves giving him time to escape. pickpocket 1: southwest acquire map

americans ring in 2017: millions pack into times square to

americans ring in 2017: millions pack into times square to kick off new year's celebrations 'i said 'im going to new york to watch the ball drop, yeah, and im here said one reveler in

the witcher 3: wild hunt

you'll want to keep galloping as much as possible, but release the sprint button for a few seconds occasionally to let the meter refill a little so that you can maintain your speed. once you reach the destination a scene will play to end the memory. note: at this point you will earn 600xp. no place like home

last of the uss guardian removed from philippines reef

manila, philippines workers in the southwestern philippines have removed the last major part of a u.s. navy minesweeper from a protected coral reef where it ran aground in january, and the damage

grim work identifying 800 bodies that were

grim work identifying 800 bodies that were 'nobody's business' october 18, 2016 / 11:16 am / cbs/ap dramatic rescues and deaths of migrants at sea 14 photos

rwanda uses drones, solar power to lift health care

'we're going to south africa now,' twagirimana jokes as we walk down through the field. the power station rests on 42 acres of bush, full of prickly plants and though twagirimana tries to

the witcher 3: wild hunt

when you regain control, the room will be on fire and a breath meter will appear at the top of the screen. all of the doors are locked, but we'll need to find a way to escape fortunately, if you approach and examine the painting mounted on the wall to the right of the fireplace we can use it as an alternate exit. seventh memory the basement

new york

built in the 19th century, the 'cathedral of water' located in the south of the capital is one of the five largest water reservoirs in paris and has a capacity of 203,000 cubic-meters of water. it

hero rats saving cambodians from land mines

each rat can clear an area of 200 square meters 2,150 square feet in 20 minutes, something a technician with a mine detector would take 1 to 4 days to complete. their sense of smell is so keen

far cry

essentially youve got put as much distance between yourself and the mutant as quickly as possible, and this is done through strafing. use it wisely, though, as your strafe meter is not infinite. it wouldnt be smart to go into a battle with a low meter youre a sitting duck if they get too close the later versions youre bound to

photos of the week: sept. 10-16, 2016

the most compelling photos from september 10-16, 2016. syrian men carry babies make their way through the rubble of destroyed buildings following a reported air strike on the rebel-held salihin

super bowl entertainment

beyonce, chris martin of coldplay, and bruno mars perform during the super bowl 50 halftime show at levis stadium in santa clara, calif., february 7, 2016. nearly 112 million people watched the

lego marvel's avengers

agent coulson needs the deck to be prepped for landing. using widow move forward and a worker will be upset at all the oil stains on the deck. jump from platform to platform to reach the highest one in the oil drenched area. here we can use widow's scanning device to reveal two targets. destroy both targets by aiming at them hold square . a