how much to build a back deck

creating animated 'build' slides in powerpoint 2002

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how much energy to you typically have in your deck

with me personally i never make a deck with less than 20 usually about 25 to 30 energy cards of the same type, but it seems at lot of the people here go for much less in their decks. another thing worth mentioning is that i don't ever do multi-element decks. i realize that in real life this would getting pwn'd fast, but that's not an issue for me in this game.

final fantasy xiii adamantoise/adamantortoise farming guide

deck b i've seen this build a few times, credit goes to whoever its creator is, i'm not exactly sure who that is though >.> ----- deck b is usable only to those with full crystalariums. time is of the essense in all fights. your team must be able to take considerable punishment, for healing goes pretty much out the window. this deck recommends fang/snow/vanille or fang/snow/hope hope

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make about 40 card decks?

i make a many different of decks but still i think is difficult to make about 40 cards, not 41 or 42 card , a months ago a build a 80 card deck in wc 2008 that's the worse , and in wc 2009 the rule is a deck is not more than 60 card deck, so i build it ,and so i make a 60 card deck in wc 2009, still 60 card deck is a problem, dueling with a card like that is difficult to draw the best key

advice on deck-building

build around an archetype or play style, it really should be an extension of yourself and how you play the game. i have a hero deck that gives me a ton of options through fusions and masks and then the melodious deck that i use has a tendency to annoy and lock everything down.

so, eldrazi doesn't suck?

however, it also in all my tests seems to be the least consistent of the builds and the slowest too. the eldrazi cards cost too much to play and when you use them all in your deck you rely a lot on their legendary land to speed up the process of bringing them out. if the land gets destroyed it sets you back big time.

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kingdom hearts re:chain of memories

feel free to switch back to the attack deck when youre fighting anything else though. /-----\ viii how to build an attack deck \-----/ at first glance, attack decks are the simplest decks to build: they consist mostly of level 9 cards. however there are many important factors to think about, namely: damage and recovery. damage is simply

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dark witch deck?

its not recent, nor is this fully magi-magi girl focused but here, i used to play with this, it was lots of fun back in the day: this is my exact build back then, you'll have to fix banlist changes yourself 3x dark magician 2x gagaga caesar 3x gagaga child 2x gagaga clerk 3x gagaga magician 2x summoner monk 3x gagaga girl 3x gagaga sister

deck building advice?

any advice on deck building? or somewhere where people post decks / tutorials on playing better? i've always mostly relied on a simple beatdown deck in the games. level 4 normal monsters with 1800-1900 attack then cards like axe of despair, bottomless trap hole, and other cards that work in pretty much any deck. those kind of decks are easily

unbeatable deck?

ser cuts into your own position as well for no net card advantage. and blastoise still doesn't care about either one as the noninteractive turn structure of this game guarantees that any time you try to wear it down, it knows exactly how much it has to build back up again and gets an opportunity to do so before each attack.

finally got king of games

like makos deck. of course i have mako as well but he is too much based on luck t least for my taste. the only mako deck i respected was one guy with a prismatic dedulus. if you have that i understand why you would pick a chance deck. have to use the dragon.

yu-gi-oh gx: duel academy

the rules are simple. pass with 250 points or over halve the total . the exams are split up into three sections. they are practical, written and the timed duel. in the practical, you are given a week to make a deck to a certain theme you can always make it on the day, when he says is your deck ready? . this is worth 300 points. it is

skellige gwent deck help

i used the leaders special ability to shuffle the graveyards back into your deck and light longship combination a little bit. just make sure theres only one light longship in your hand at all times. try not to use your strongest cards until the opponent uses his scorch card. skellige deck gets torn apart with scorch.

read user reviews and submit your own for magic: the

so imagine a completely f2p player that wants to build a deck. you have no chances to build a 2-3-4 colours deck without spending at least 100. if you don't build a mono-red aggro in the start, you'll be stucked on completely annoying matches getting stomped, and trust me you'll quit even before to get how the game really works.