how to frame for a second floor

is there a way to make a second floor without stairs

for some reason, staircases count as 'small rooms' while ladder based second stories don't count as a room unless there's a door, which also makes a useless tiny or small

how do i use the 2nd floor of the restaurant for dining

for restaurant empire ii on the pc, a gamefaqs q and a question titled 'how do i use the 2nd floor of the restaurant for dining and how do i go to the 2nd floor of the restaurant

can i make a second story? the sims 2 double deluxe q and a

okay you can make a second story here's how : take the roof if you have one off the first story. go to roofs in build mode and click the roof with a slash through it push the floor

how to network all three floors of the small building

how to network all three floors of the small building ? there are 4 pcs and a printer on the second floor. there are 2 pcs and a printer on the top floor. so we want to network all

has anyone tried building a house from scratch yet

has anyone tried building a house from scratch yet? fallout 4 xbox one . pc playstation 4 pc. ok so maybe i dont understand what u guys mean by build the floor because the places where

second floor? dragon quest builders message board for

the room needs a door to register as a room so stairs leading up to a room with no doors doesnt really work. iv also noticed this watching videos of people playing online. iv seen

elusive house layouts animal crossing: happy home

i can't remember, but i believe if you start off as a one storey house try the 6x8 layout , and expand up from there, you will get second floor/basement later on, and even a 2nd floor

how do you get the second floor of the museum? animal

for animal crossing: new leaf on the 3ds, a gamefaqs message board topic titled 'how do you get the second floor of the museum?'.

any way to get rid of the second floor elevator without

i'm at 143 dwellers and idk how many rows down, but i have most floors filled in and fully upgraded to where i am. i want to disable the elevator right after the door, either on the

how can i build second floor on current house? the sims

remove the roof, all remaining walls and stat to build your second floor. it's very easy. user info: kawaiiscythe. kawaiiscythe 9 years ago 4 0. answers. also make sure you have

trying to turn the second floor of the pyramid into a bar

i guess i'll have to move the bar to the first floor after all. kind of sucks that i won't be able to move the bedrooms to the second floor without these geniuses wandering around,

the second castle *spoilers* dragon quest builders 2

the throne room works if you build walls starting with the purble blocks, and apparently putting the banners on either side of the door. not exactly sure how they were planning on

any way for pool on the second floor? the sims 3 message

on the second floor,outside the house, i put up tiles ontop of the space given by columns which are themselves on foundation. the tile goes up fine, but is there any way to make a pool on

wolfenstein: the new order walkthrough xbox 360 by

a turret gun can be found on the second floor, so you can use that if your heart desires. just make sure you have a couple of grenades on you for the robot. there are more rooms on the

will a second floor inside still count? dragon quest

yea i will later. i want second floor to still count as the same room as first floor. was hoping if i build the exterior walls high enough it may work. was hoping a few steps, no doors,

how do you build a second story floor? the sims 3

build a floor on top of your ground floor . use the go up a floor icon and build the next walls on top of the previous. psn: mutanthybrid thank you ive been trying to work it out haha

upgrading my hammer? rune factory frontier q and a for wii

i have gone into lave ruins and found silver but when i go to make it at my forge area it won't let me. i thought i needed a great forge since it has 4 ingrediants but when i went to