how to keep split rail fence from rotting

resident evil hd remaster

but keep one thing in mind just like before, she's invincible so dont waste ammo on her. now head for the door on the east wall while dodging lisa. you will find some small boxes here and a number of items stacked on them. now check the rest of the room here and you will find a transporter which will take something into the garbage crushing device room, and there is a pushable crate in the

mega man battle network 4: red sun

ride the rail at the end of the pathway and head into ura internet 1. head through the creepy head tunnel. you're at a crossroads and suddenly, crosshairs appear on screen, taking aim at rock. when prompted, push the direction on the controller to dodge a bullet - literally. you're gonna keep getting sniped for awhile, so be aware of that. any

the elder scrolls iv: oblivion

corruption on corruption, 'til the rot sunk to his very core, though he kept the name mannimarco, his body and his mind were but a living, moving corpse as he left humanity behind. the blood in his veins became instead a poison acid stew. his power and his life increased as his fell collection grew . mightiest were these artifacts, long cursed

wild arms alter code: f

after heading out of the fenced area, go north to between the fence and the house to the east. pick up a heal berry from the barrel. now, head inside that same house. to the south are three barrels; the south-most barrel has a heal berry in it. head back out of the house. to the east is the eldar's house. on the way up to it, tony talks to you about holy berries. before going inside, go along

resident evil 3: nemesis

they'll fall into the water, and the grave digger will then be electrocuted. keep in mind that you have to knock down both light posts for there to be enough electricity to kill the grave digger . after killing the grave digger, climb the section of fence that has fallen into the northwestern section of the trench. this will allow you to re

the legend of zelda: the wind waker

after he eventually gets tired of this, he lands and engages you more closely. keep close to the king; if youre far away he starts beating his wings to push you into the spikes around the arena. if he does, run and roll towards him to avoid getting skewered. when youre closer, keep moving; hell try to peck you. when he rears his head


keep following this road, and you'll come to the entrance of a tunnel where there is a green rectangular area. drive through this; it's the first checkpoint. continue through the tunnel. as you approach the exit, you'll see another checkpoint, so drive through it. once you've got the second one, keep on the road; this is the main drag. you'll

pretty little liars season 6 premiere review: good luck, chuck

pretty little liars season 6 premiere review: good luck, chuck. by nick the night within the confines of an electric fence and razor wire, shunned by their captor in a limbo of the elements

super mario sunshine

between you and petey is a gap which leads to death , between you and the gap is a fence with one part broken , and between you and the fence is a series of pigs. these pigs are poinks. if you go near one, they attach to your nozzle and if you hold r they'll fill up and if you release r they'll fly straight ahead until they bonk something. the aiming can be a little weird, but keep trying

rollercoaster tycoon

if guests get lost/stuck on your boats, then you might want to consider putting in a guide rail. also build a guide rail if you want to limit the amount of time the guest spends on the ride. note: the guide rails do not need to form a complete circuit. log flume - keep this one short with 3 or 4 drops. 3 minutes is plenty, any more than that

resident evil: revelations 2

to the right is a door switch, but we need to split up as the door will close after you use the switch. if you have an ai partner, have them stay here /\ down and head to the door. pull the lever with whoever stayed, switch partners, and go through. you can push the box in the doorway to keep it open, but it will likely take another time opening the door. the door on the left here has a

resident evil 3: nemesis

the best method against dealing with hunters is to take a powerful weapon and keep them in your sight, and shoot them, if they jump towards you just move back a little and it will land in front of you avoiding you, or if your not one of those radical types then its highly adviced that you keep a high distance whenever fighting them and shoot with something fast. hunter gama's : these are the

sphinx and the cursed mummy

the following section basically will describe how to beat sphinx and the cursed mummy step- by-step. every puzzle will be described in its entirety, along with any boss/enemy battles. the walkthrough is split into several gaps in the plot. refer to the table of contents if you need more information. remember, spoilers are present. **the game

phantasy star iv

i'm glad you've chosen to at least check out my not so little phantasy star iv faq. i'm going to attempt to make this thing a bit different than most faqs, in that it's going to be one continuous walkthrough, rather than being split up into all these different sub-sections and whatnot. in addition, the walkthrough is going to contain a ton of

sacred 2: fallen angel

keep moving and pounding and you might have a chance at living *muduscker: a big swamp bat. it sounds gross, it is gross. it'll keep replentishing its life by attacking you, so end it quickly by hitting it hard or by keeping your distance so it can't land a hit *lich: the creme of the crop, undead-wise. these are the best undead spellcasters

shadow tower

the skeletons behind the door will probably kill you. keep going straight into the graveyard. 4. 2 demon bats demon bats don't move, but they have a sonic attack that can strip you of hit points faster than you can swing a sword. because they hang from the ceiling, it's hard to reach them with your short sword. run past them for now, heading for the secret door in the north wall. you can

baldur's gate: enhanced edition

baldur's gate 2. i keep this in the back of my mind every time i play the game, since it seems like a waste to go through the game and not continue with my character onto the sequel. since the first game was made to resemble the second game more in the enhanced edition, we can assume the enhanced edition of the second game will be less changed. after all, why change the first game to match

fallout 3: game of the year edition

keep in mind that in the expansion, there's really more room for versatility, so i'm much less adamant about my build this time around. if you really really like another perk, go for it. i don't use many explosives myself, but if for some reason i do decide to chuck a grenade, i'll be able to do it well. the only real question to that end is whether it's better to get a third rank of