kayak pool composite panel technologies

u.s. stocks gain on tech earnings

nasdaq up more than 1%. david stern, former nba commissioner, has died at age 77; states with legal weed and what states could follow in 2020

minneapolis-st. paul-bloomington tops 2013 american

minneapolis-st. paul-bloomington received the highest fitness score of 78.2 out of 100, which represents a 2-point increase from its 2012 score.

u.s. stocks pull solidly higher as oil retreats from highs

qassem soleimani, iranian military leader, dead in baghdad strike; lawmakers ask supreme court to consider overturning roe v. wade; here's how much each 2020 candidate raised in the 4th quarter

u.s. stocks plunge in late trading; nasdaq falls for

broader indexes joined the drop. the s and p 500 was down 25.99 points to 1,390.19. the technology-laden nasdaq composite , which lost ground in the previous seven sessions, fell 58.95 points to 2,440.51.

patricia krenwinkel

manson follower patricia krenwinkel heads to court in los angeles, mar. 3, 1970. krenwinkel confessed that she stabbed one of the manson family murder victims, coffee heiress abigail folger, to

how to use task manager to monitor windows 10's performance

how to use task manager to monitor windows 10's performance by greg shultz in software on august 26, 2016, 10:43 am pst the windows 10 task manager offers a treasure trove of details.

petrochina world's 1st $1 trillion company

petrochina became the world's first company worth more than $1 trillion on monday, surging past exxon mobil as the chinese oil producer's shares nearly tripled in their first day of trading in china.

dr. strange vs. dr. doom

composite dr. strange, meaning all feats of any official 616 not 'what if' versions of strange can be used.composite dr. doom, meaning all feats of an

u.s. stocks end volatile session with gains

new york marketwatch -- u.s. stocks on friday capped a volatile trading day with modest gains after investors weighed a surprisingly strong october jobs report and an unexpected rise in factory

nasa recovers part of shuttle wing

nasa recovers part of shuttle wing. by brian dakss february 1, 2003 / 9:33 am / cbs nasa recovered a section of columbia's wing and inspected a photo shot by a military telescope that shows a gray