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dragon warrior vii

go down the stairs and follow the path and take the next set of stairs. you will now be in a room with many switches on the ground, as well as little boxes you can push to cover the switches. head down the stairs and cover the first switch with the box. enter the chamber above that opens and enter the door to the north to find another chest

white house, bp headed for showdown on spill?

the relationship between the white house and beleaguered energy giant bp may become increasingly combative over the costs of the massive gulf oil spill, as the u.s. seeks to widen the scope of bp

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to progress the side quest, the game only requires you deliver a half-dozen letters, and everything prior is largely irrelevant. i think we can all agree this is a 'dick move' by the designers. the other source of bullshitery stems from locating the recipients for the final letters. the final recipients are stretched across every possible

dragon warrior vii

that must be why he's still stiff now, even though he's not stone. after a scene with iwan and linda, walk downstairs to get a wooden hat from the dresser. behind the bed where pepe is, you can search the bookcase for a love letter that porta, pepe's brother, was writing, but it's not finished. back in the mansion, borlock will chew iwan out

kingdom hearts ii

jun 18, 2014 update: split kh2 and kh2:fm separately. ----- water flows behind gold letters which appear on the screen buena vista games square enix kingdom hearts ii the words rush the screen and the camera moves through them. fade in to sora standing at a crossroads. more words appear on the screen sora: a scattered dream that's like a far

leisure suit larry: love for sail

126 in a series of 200.' sounds right up your alley, larry. obtained from victorian's desk, when she is on the computer. -book, 'prudish and proud' sans jacket- 'this is victorian's book just the way you'd like to see her. without cover. obtained by removing the jacket from 'prudish and proud.' -book, 'the erotic adventures of hercules'- 'it's

dragon warrior iv

meaning it should cover absolutely every sidequest, monster, treasure, item, etc. in the game. in my attempt to accomplish a complete guide, i'll set up the items you find in each section in a checklist format. this way, if you'd rather cruise through the game and just check off all the items and treasures you can receive without reading in detail, you can do so. if there's a particular item