no warping wood plastic fence

it's time to replace these items in your kitchen

it's so easy to ignore the faults of your favorite kitchen items, especially when you're trying to save some money.there's no reason to throw out a perfectly good toaster, right? not so fast. take

best way to finish knife handle

it's just that warping of wood is caused caused by moisture crossing the dead cell walls. the expansion is only 'horizontal'. ie wood expands in its width when its moisture content increases, not its length i didn't think bicbw that water between the cells could cause warping. i also didn't think mineral oil could enter dead xylem cells causing differential expansion and hence warping.

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those cracked and chipped grill grates. if your grill grates are cracked or the porcelain coating is chipping away, it's time for new grates. trust us: you don't want to bite into a hunk of hot

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cracking open: apple pencil is powered by amazingly tiny tech. techrepublic's bill detwiler uses a rotary cutter to slice open the stylus and explores the tech that powers the ipad pro's must-have

why you shouldn't buy a plastic cutting board

plus, these woods are easier on your blade than other woods and plastic. no matter which wood you choose, the biggest problem with most wooden cutting boards is they absorb juices from meats. this

is there any way to keep plastic cutting boards from warping?

i've owned 3 plastic cutting boards since i've started cooking and each one has started warping in less than a year. i know putting them in the dishwasher can cause this, but all of mine started warping before i ran them through the dishwasher for the first time.

how to fix a warped cutting board?

in this case, you can always weights it down if the warping is very minor. if the warping is bad, then start to use the other side or water the other side slow and it will warp back somewhat but it won't be perfectly flat. at this point, put something very heavy and flat to force the board flat and let the whole thing dries.

a trekkie's paradise

from the back, most of the props are just plastic and compressed wood. but with a little bit of imagination you can be on the bridge of the starship enterprise. that's right you can buy this thing

escaping the first prison

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