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system shock 2

----- deck 6-command ----- head to the door marked 'tram', beware of the security camera. ride the train to the last stop, go through the bulkhead. see siddons and suarez run from the rumbler, then follow their path, hacking security on the way. you need to find the bridge access card, so go up one of the elevators in the corner. make your way to the escape pods, and head to the northmost one

main walkthrough

enter the door. cave of nagi. when you reach the bridge, turn to the right and jump across the water. behind a rock here is a chest with a stray bead in it. follow the path. restore the statue's sword. complete the constellation. slash the gate to get out. follow the arrow back to kamiki village. kamiki village. power slash the fruit.

categories of hurricane: here's what hurricane ratings

'devastating damage will occur: well-built framed homes may incur major damage or removal of roof decking and gable ends. many trees will be snapped or uprooted, blocking numerous roads

pokemon trading card game

----- 4.5: common deck archetypes ----- archetypes are common deck themes, they constitute most of the decks people use out there. no matter which you choose, archetypess can give you an edge over in-game opponents. these are the top archetypes in the pokemon trading card game. use these archetypes as you wish, but feel free to modify the samples i have created in your own decks: 1. haymaker

cold fear

see the bloody body over there in the water? go over there and pick up the upper deck key. it is sparkling under the water. oh, and please don't shoot the box on the wall. it will electrocute the water and kill you. now, try to head back and the body jumps at you. what is that thing? get out of there up the stairs we go now, enter the door at the top of the stairs. run up the stairs here. at

homes on the 10 most expensive streets in america

photo courtesy of zillow. when most people say 'keeping up with the joneses,' it might mean mowing the lawn or buying a state-of-the-art grill. when the residents of the most expensive streets in

best home renovation projects for 2013

best home renovation projects for 2013 shutterstock switch out your garage door. upgrading your current garage door to a newer steel model could earn you a 75.7 percent return on investment

your smartphone can be tracked even if gps, location

building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? here are the big takeaways: smartphones' locations can still be tracked, even if all location services and gps have been turned off.

food gifts that keep on giving

food gifts that keep on giving. december 12, 2007 / 5:52 pm / cbs if you have a foodie on your holiday gift list, the early show's resident chef, bobby flay, would like to make your life a little

the legend of zelda: skyward sword

tentalus will start by appearing in the water before the front of the deck. he'll try to smash you with his large arm-like tentacles one at a time. tentalus has one large eye, and you need to hit it with your bow. the annoying factor in this is whenever tentalus prepares to swing one of his arms by leaning back, his eye leans back as well, changing the angle at which the eye is at. this makes

historic new england fishing industry faces warming world

a power plant on the sound recorded more than 75 days with an average water temperature above 68 degrees fahrenheit in each of the years 2012, 2013 and 2014, according to a regulatory board's

easy ways to make that ugly kitchen gorgeous

butcher blocks if you cook like a pro, a solid rock hard maple butcher's block is a great way to go. it's a great space to help you prep food, and you don't need a cutting board to chop, and it's

titanic mystery

go to the b-deck via the water column below location 'p' of the d-deck the same water column as location 'k' of the e-deck . use key 39 at location 'o' to open the north door. grasp the titanic model at location 'p' to be warped to location 'q'. the stuffed bear remarks that its real body is nearby and that the bear body is a temporary host.

assassin's creed rogue

now we need to hang from the back and scope out the deck. there are a total of six guards on the deck and fortuitously all but one of them will pose no threat as they have their backs turned to you. the final guard cuts a lap from the front of the ship, around the main mast and back again. wait until the patroller turns his back to you and then hop up onto the deck, walk up behind each

tomb raider

collect the block and tackle. wait for the two solarii to finish their conversation and then rope arrow the first man off the ledge before finishing off his companion. make sure to loot the salvage in a net and then cross the gap and head upstairs, scrambling the wall to shimmy up to the deck. you can now shoot the pulley to drop the block and

grand theft auto: vice city walkthrough

grand theft auto: vice city walkthrough tommy vercetti's got a dirty job to do, and a lot of ground to cover. help him sort out all his business and uncover every last one of vice city's secrets