outdoor flooring for gazebo

the legend of zelda: a link between worlds

go through either door afterward to reach a large outdoor balcony. the view from up here is truly breathtaking, but you don't have time for sightseeing. go upstairs to reach the castle's last floor, where the villain yuga awaits. part 4: hyrule castle boss: yuga round 2 link catches up with yuga on the castle's eighth floor. the foul mage is

russian ravers blinded by concert lasers

russian ravers blinded by concert lasers july 14, 2008 / 2:03 pm / ap a laser show at a music festival injured more than 30 people, russian news reports said monday.

marvel: ultimate alliance

go around the other way to enter the tent itself. and, it's another fight against jean grey. same story as before--it's tough. try to avoid the radial attack and hit her with ranged melee attacks. when you've beaten her, she is sucked into a video game and some clowns show up in a clown car. defeat them all and the car's trunk pops open and you can get a token coin for the arcade. step over to

far cry

head out of the tent facing the way you started the game and hang a right. run down to the shore and jump into the boat. look into the distance to see another island with a trail leaving to its interior. thats our destination. this next part though may be just a little bit tricky as you have to have the timing right. wait until the two boats in the distance begin to drive elsewhere, this is

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dishonored 2

this will cause it to crash through the floor of the shaft and grant access to the basement where this is located. rune 5 this is located in the lost and found, along with the painting above. rune 6 after gaining dr. hypatia's key from her office on the fourth floor, make your way to the recuperation room on the third floor. destroy the

lego harry potter: years 1-4

in the northeast corner of the room is a barrel, and near it is a section of floor made from brown lego bricks. approach it, and harry will stand on this section of floor. a pink haze should appear around the floor. hold circle to raise it using the wingardium leviosa spell. press triangle to switch back to harry. climb the stairs, and on the landing is a door knob. pick it up by pressing

lemmings 2: the tribes

now all the beach lemmings are safe 5.2 outdoor ----- difficulty: 2/5 another fairly simple world. not much to say here really. level 1: pa - tent - ly obvious wait until a lemming turns left, then turns right again and give it icarus wings. use the fan to blow it to the top of the plants on the right. before it goes in the exit, make it into

fallout: new vegas

in the administration building on the second floor you will find a lying congressional style . again, do not use this book until you get the perk that gives 1 skill boost when reading. with all the killing in the facility, you should level up again. raise lockpick to 50 you can now unlock the footlocker in cellblock-b if you don't have a book and explosives to 25 once the compound is

assassin's creed unity

the second document is on the topmost floor of a building covered in guards, but luckily the top floor is the least secured. make your way to the east side of the building and climb up to the top floor to ledge assassinate a guard standing by it. you can now enter the building and head straight for the document in the next room. with both