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the level design is a mix of mario bros. and bubble bobble, kinda you jump to platforms . the one i bought the amiga from, which came with a lot of copied games btw, had labeled the disk as 'kung fu pajamas' though that's not the title of the game, but it does look like the character you're playing as are wearing pajamas.

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'memory walls' inspire

'memory walls' inspire. by brian dakss september 21, 2006 / 12:31 pm / cbs what better way to showcase a family album full of pictures than with a memory wall? design expert susanna salk says it's

perfect potties: america's best bathrooms

perfect potties: america's best bathrooms. august 21, 2009 / 11:04 am / cbs what makes a public restroom great? cintas, a leading maker of uniforms for businesses, asked that question seriously

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first impressions: mas malo

first of all, it's an absolutely gorgeous space. it started out as a jewelry store in the 20's, and the original molded plaster ceiling, wood paneling, and painted murals still remain. the new components, including the furniture and the bar, are in completely different styles - the furniture being sort of mid-century office-y and the bar being

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for illbleed on the dreamcast, faq/walkthrough by adk. illbleed walkthrough by adk final version: time has come for the english guide of this japanese blockbuster to appear on gamefaqs and my own site.

top 5 philadelphia brunch spots

top 5 philadelphia brunch spots a bite at the outside tables or grabbing a drink at the inside circular bar under a rowing skull that hangs from the ceiling paying homage to the numerous athletes in the area that dine here. rowers, bikers, and runners can all attest to the health and quality of the food at winnies. beautiful paintings by local artist tony lasalle hang in the dining room


you arrive in the restaurant. here you will fight your remaining pieces. after that you can exit to 1f. here you must walk on the border of the department to avoid traps and battles. traps : 3 pieces of beef a pineapple a carrot the slime befor the exit. in the next room you must kill 3 worms to reach the first elevator. here look on the left and behind the plant is a secret passage way to the

unacceptable noise level

of course the noise level is a result of a number of deliberate decisions made in the design of the restaurant. go with exposed brick walls, windows with no curtains, hardwood floors, no tablecloths, exposed beams, no acoustical tiling, an open kitchen, seats with no upholstery, tables close together and it's hardly an accident if it gets loud, especially if you throw in a dj as well. while it

star trek the video game

straight from the door in this room on the ceiling is a panel you can unlock. if you go up through the vent here, it will take you to another room with another scannable object. return to the previous room via the vent. the next closest one is straight down the hall. you will have to go through a couple of infected crewmen to get to it. this one will be guarded by a few gorn. take them out

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the san'vuns. it wasnt until the native san'vuns of clan san'vun put forward the idea that - in order for one to truly become a hyper-sapien - one must retain a hereditary link to their ancestral

review w/pics and video : pierre gagnaire's twist las

the restaurant design itself is stunning in the sense of the large volume of the room, which is partially filled and made more intimate by bocci lights hanging in sculptural patterns from the ceiling like stars in the night sky. the design reminds me somewhat of danny meyer's modern in nyc, in the sense of the large volume of space and modern