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advanced mode will challenge even the most experienced player. 90 levels across nine worldsjourney through paper, cardboard, pinewood, plastic, oak, rock, steel, carbon nanotubes and finally cubic boron nitride, each adding more hazards and challenges to overcome. customise the ball26 skins to unlock - including sports balls, fruit, planets and

metroid prime: hunters

follow it and you'll be on the other side of the fencing and thus a new enemy is here. it's the psycho bit v3.0, and these shoot shots of magma. these are weak to the judicator, so take them out after scanning one. take the winding narrow paths to the morph ball exit tunnel. take it. there's a jump pad here in case you need to go back, which will be helpful during the escape sequence

golden sun: the lost age

with the machinery working backwards, return to the floor with the 'e' stairway, but don't go up just yet. locate the left of the two pink cogs on the right side of the room and ride it downwards 'k' , landing right by the venus djinni steel we left. it puts up a fight, of course. backtrack to the 'e' stairway when finished and ascend

brinell drive ssd review: impressive performance from a

don't laugh, but looks alone are enough reason to buy the brinell drive ssd. hailing from germany, the drive brings style and, dare i say, sex appeal to a product line that normally doesn't rely

'steve jobs' biography: a wealth of detail

'steve jobs' biography: a wealth of detail. walter isaacson's biography of the apple leader has been released. here's a look at what's in the book.

the legend of zelda: spirit tracks

this game is considered by many to be the fastest method for farming 500-rupee treasures since it takes only a minute, and scoring under 1:15 guarantees a 500-rupee treasure. if you manage to score under 1:05 you can earn a rare treasure alchemy stone or regal ring and the guy lowers the price to 20 rupees. check out the mini-games section if

age of empires ii: hd edition

the value of a good when sold is always less than your buying price. the laws of economics govern the values of goods. the higher the demand, the higher the price. the higher the supply, the lower the price. for instance, if you continuously sell wood, the value of wood in the market will drop, and if you continuously buy stone, the value of stone in the market to rise. to lower the prices of

fallout: new vegas

varmint rifle 5.56mm bolt-action rifle ----- the very first weapon that you get your hands on is a low-condition varmint rifle fit for nothing but shooting sasperilla bottles on a fence. the varmint rifle is pretty much the weakest weapon in the game, period, shooting a low-powered round at a low velocity and a low rate of fire. you should

lynx smartgrill review: this talking luxury grill needs to

it's wrapped in generous amounts of stainless steel, including stainless steel grates -- it even has a spring that you attach to the inside of the grill to make its hefty stainless steel hood much

the sims

unleash the right side of the brain with this lightweight, folding easel. made of oiled beechwood, this portable model can be deployed indoors or outdoors. motives : fun = 2 creativity ***** pinegulcher dresser price : $250 size : 2x2 description : there's nothing quite like solid pine furniture for giving a home a warm and friendly feeling

mass effect

their independence comes at a price; the terminus is fraught with conflict. war among the various species is common, as governments and dictators constantly rise and fall. the region is a haven for illegal activities, particularly piracy and the slave trade. at least once a year, a fleet from terminus invades the nearby attican traverse. these attacks are typically small raids against poorly

phantasy star iv: the end of the millennium

select buy and press button a or c to see a list of available goods. the price of each item is listed next to its name. after selecting an item, the salesperson will give you information about the item. if the item is a weapon or WPC, an equip window will appear on the left of the screen, telling you who can or cannot equip that weapon or WPC. press button a or c to make the purchase. the

playstation 3: inside and out

playstation 3: inside and out sony has released tons of information on the upcoming playstation 3. this special feature sums up and analyzes what's important.

persona 4 golden

faq/walkthrough by ragingtasmanian. version: 1.20 updated: 04/01/2013 persona 4 golden walkthrough: version 1.20 by ragingtasmanian ***** about me: ***** this is the first faq/walkthrough i've written i didn't think of writing an faq/walkthrough at first, but as i played through this game more, i really enjoyed it, and i thought there were a lot of things i could write about that would

car tech live 238: 2012 volvo s60 t6

car tech live 238: 2012 volvo s60 t6. october 21, 2011 . transcript. ford -- does what they said it would do years ago. you'll also find out when gm -- -- drive itself sooner than you might think

five things we learned at the arpa-e summit

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