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the earliest boats were simply tied up to rocks or trees on shore to take on or drop off cargo or were physically pulled onto the beach. as hulls grew larger, more oarsmen were

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assassin's creed iv: black flag for xbox 360 game reviews and metacritic score: the year is 1715. pirates rule the waters of the caribbean and have established a lawless republic .

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egypt became an important mediterranean part of call as trade increased because it was it was a rich market for both buying and selling. principal egyptian exports were grain, food, linen,

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as he spoke, a horde of orcs surged into the field, blasting their horns. turala had seen orcs before, but never in such abundance, never with such bestial confidence. roaring with delight

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they were high on a bluff over a gray stream, and before them was the great valley of valenwood. only the cry of seabirds declared the presence of the ocean to the bay to the west: here

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item list by dsimpson. eddin gave the item to his secret enemies as gifts and reclaimed it through his thief servants when the sickness had run its course. niri is believed to still be

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the most important thing in life is showing up for it. glenn 'squall of seed' morrow purpose 3.0pu when first written, the purpose of this faq was to provide answers

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the western trail of gold and lead closed rp 100 results likely a cargo vessel used to carry the captain pass the rather tight mouth of theronus entrance to the lake. darting

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the guard dressed in a striped t shirt and cargo pants called as the young asian woman dressed in a gothic lace shirt, pvc mini skirt, and ballet boots trotted up to the door, clutching a