recycled wood composite deck uses canada

the dog den white plains, ny

has access to bike path and are building up a side patio. does have /- four tables around it made from reclaimed wood from collapsed roof as well as a few seats inside. and in that area, is just about the only real food place for anyone on path or those living and working in area. location did not even have an official zip code until thursday

no more plastic

beer, wine, are the two things i buy in glass bottles and they are not reusable. they are recycled in some parts of the country but not refilled. it's more energy intense to recycle glass than plastic. plastic water bottles are recycled into pet carpet fiber. milk bottles made from pe are recycled into plastic decking material along with wood

end grain cutting board problem?

though i like weathered and old things, and love the looks of things made from reclaimed wood, i just don't want my new maple end grain cutting board to look like it was made from an old barn. well, it isn't quite that bad, but would soon be that bad if i continued applying the baking soda and water.

the new hippie kitchen

the new hippie kitchen cooking the iconoclast way, in yurts, tepees, and more. by lessley anderson and roxanne webber. it used to be that only hippies grooved on stuff like rainwater filtration systems and solar panels.

photos: solar homes take root at solar decathlon

on the ground during the construction on wednesday one could see the cotton insulation, usually made from recycled blue jeans, that the arizona team uses. although it's not one of the contest

the new hippie kitchen

this kitchen is in an otherwise fairly conventional central maine farmhouse. it has an amish wood-burning cookstove, poured concrete countertops, and a 400-pound retrofitted antique mop sink. the owners have a gas stove but more typically use the wood-burning stoveparticularly in the winterto cook food and heat the house.

pizza stone vs. steel

i am a home pizza cook that likes thin and crispy pizza. i used to use a stone, but realistically it has to be in for an hour before cooking. i also don't have an external vented fan, so the cornmeal i used to get it on the stone would burn and smoke up my kitchen. for the aforementioned reasons, i now use parchment paper. it is the easiest