replacing long deck board

learn to re-fuse a power supply

so youve got a dead power supply and want to know why. the problem could be something simple, like a blown fuse or loose wire. if so, you might be able to fix the supply for less than $1.

should i replace the motherboard or buy a new one?

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bodies: pray vs continue and retrieve vs repair

there's never a downside or upside imo tbh to praying. retrieving gets you a small amount of g, small amount of exp, and a random assortment of chips i think based on what the person who died had equipped, but it may be based on what you yourself have equipped i'm not too sure . repairing makes them a temporary fighter - i pretty much never do this.

bonus board?

when you receive a critical hit, your bonus board breaks. when this happens all crystals that are not touching a crystal of the same color are removed, however if the crystals are grouped in the same color, you will only loose half of that group.

disk drive repair cost?

anyone know a rough estimate on how much a disk drive repair cost? unfortunately my console is out of warranty, so no luck there. my disk drive still works, but every now and then it'll make a wierd sound when i insert a disk and i'll have to re-insert it a few times to read it.

how to check if your iphone 8 needs a new logic board

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do i need to replace my battery?

i say this only because my 3ds has always seemed to stay at the 3 bars out of 4 for a long time and then quickly go to 2 and then the red light. if i fully charge it, i still get the 4-6 hours, dependent on brightness, that you're supposed to get. i say fully charge it and then use your activity log to time how long before the red light comes

how do i repair damaged buildings?

after selecting the buildings you want repaired, you're also have to pass a few turns to full repair building. do bear in mind repairing any buildings cost resources which are automatically deducted from your coffers. also if you are playing as the hojo clan due to specialized traits, damaged structures cost cheaper to repair.

apple extends warranty on ipad smart keyboard

apple extends warranty on ipad smart keyboard. blaming a number of 'functional issues,' apple says it will service the ipad pro smart keyboard for up to three years.

5 ways to know it's time to get a new washing machine

tyler lizenby/cnet unscrew the short one so it is long enough. if that doesn't work, the drum or motor mount may need to be tightened. in this case, you'll need a professional. get an estimate

is it worth repairing an older hd tv?

is it worth repairing an older hd tv? because in many cases you have to replace whole boards. when you buy a new flat screen tv you get full warranty. i usually wouldn't recommended a extended

kingdom hearts re:chain of memories message board for

for kingdom hearts re:chain of memories on the playstation 2, gamefaqs presents a message board for game discussion and help.