rustic decks using skinned round uprights

easy potato salad recipe

4 remove the skin from the cooled potatoes with your hands or a paring knife. for a more rustic potato salad, you can leave the skins on. using your hands, break the potatoes into large chunks about 3/4-inch pieces and add them to the bowl with the eggs and mayonnaise mixture. using a rubber spatula, gently fold the potatoes and eggs into

tony hawk's pro skater 3

->deck cause an earthquake, get onto the top level, keep following the rails and wires, near the end there is a wire with the deck on it it's way above one of the earthquake gaps , so grind the wire to get it if you remember, just do what you would have done to get the hidden tape in tour mode, and you get the deck sooner . tokyo ->stat

socom: u.s. navy seals

the first stance is the norm: standing. when standing, your character will be completely upright, making him a beacon for enemy sentries. this stance should almost never be used unless necessary. his second stance is a crouch. crouching allows him to move around quietly in a crouched position. this is preferred in most situations. the prone position is the final stance. your character will

neverwinter nights 2 legends

neverwinter nights pc item faq august 30, 2006 version 1.7 written by: dylan erickson e-mail: razlakh if you're having any problems, please consult the faq ctrl f, type in faq first before e-mailing me.

sicily still on my mind

read page 2 of the sicily still on my mind - the report discussion from the chowhound restaurants, italy food community. join the discussion today.

jaina solo fel respect thread

respect jaina solo fel, sword of the jedi: 'i name you the sword of the jedi. you are like tempered steel, purposeful and razor-keen. always you shall be in the front rank, a burning brand to your

castlevania: legacy of darkness

more fishmen will appear, and there are infinite so just ignore them and head up to the next section of deck using the block. there are more barrels up here, plus a white jewel. save your game and head over to the mast in the middle of the deck. go up to the right hand side of the square mast and activate the lever. if you wanted the powerup on one of the high boxes, climb onto the mast and

jaina solo fel respect thread

jaina solo fel respect thread by shootingnova september 6, 2014 32 comments respect jaina solo fel, sword of the jedi: 'i name you the sword of the jedi. you are like tempered steel, purposeful

perfect dark

lay explosives. hide around the corner, crouched, and be ready to surprise them as they round the bend. remember that they have to turn around before they can shoot you. use that split second to your advantage and youll get far. when fighting solitary or a couple of enemies close together, try to stay in what i call the dead zone. this is the area around the enemy where theyre too close

darksiders ii

climb the wall here using the blocks and the handholds, go round the corner and drop onto the beam. from here wait for the hanging pots to come past and them jump across to them. shimmy across to the right and then jump across to the far platform when it is safe to do so. wall run across the gap here to the safety of the platform. follow the passage around the corner and deal with the tainted

the day of grim cvu open rp ic

grim city 7:00 am. silence was the only noise to be heard within the fallen city of grim today. it seemed that even the rats that scurried through every dark alleyway were holding their breath in

cognitive dissonance

cognitive dissonance. by daniel duane. june 29, 2007 edit. if youre not one of the superrich yourself, then an encounter with the superrich can be confusing. i had such an experience recently, when i accepted an invitation for a wine tasting on a winery owners boat on the san francisco bay. i pictured huddling in the wind on a small sailboat, sipping chardonnay under the bay bridge. so i

alcatraz vs master chief

against the skin of the operator, there is a moisture-absorbing cloth suit, and biomonitors that constantly adjust the suit's temperature and fit. there's also an onboard computer that interfaces

contra: shattered soldier

now that contra: shattered soldier is here with an intense 2-player mode, the bond of friendship is once again teetering on the verge of snapping. what do you do?? spin around and bark like a dog. there isn't anything particularly special about the 2-player mode, other than the fact that you have two players playing simultaneously on the same screen. if you're not a team player, this may not

continue the story above you

the sweaty caffeine stench that emanated from them wafted and intermingled in the air, the matching brown coffee stained teeth, the dry flakey dehydrated skin complimenting the skin of the other

resident evil 0

method 2 another trick can be possible is the merry - go - round trick.first pump is once with shotgun,run around it,wait for it to turn,then run round again,then get close to pump or to knife,then wait for it to turn towards you.then repeat.very effective method as the tyrant seems to have trouble turning around.but remember always run round at it's weaker hand in case you miscue your timing

the dish: chef thomas keller's 'bouchon bakery' quiche

once the quiche is thoroughly chilled, using a metal bench scraper or a sharp knife, scrape away the excess crust from the top edge. tilt the ring on its side, with the bottom of the quiche facing