second floor railing ideas

how south park blurs the lines between video game and tv

i have no idea what they're saying. i'm just watching them for a few moments from across the room as i stand on the second floor railing of the south park studios. i'm looking into the writer's


now jump to the broken catwalk in the corner and follow it to an alcove in the rock, where you'll find more beams bolted to the wall. wall-jump to these, then climb and jump across and eventually you get up to the next level. on the second floor of the building here is the next collectible, so get it now, and a few mines, so grab them as well

second wind for hydrogen in the eco-car race?

second wind for hydrogen in the eco-car race? april 17, the few hydrogen vehicles on the floor attracted little attention. it was not always that way. u.s. president george w. bush allocated

lego the lord of the rings

welcome to my lego the lord of the rings walkthrough in this guide, you'll find everything you could imagine to know about this game, including walkthroughs of the story, how to find all the hidden collectibles, and info on the story and the characters. this guide should serve you for the versions of the game for the playstation 3, the xbox 360, the wii, and the pc. ***** 2. faq ***** q: what


31 sasa sanctuary 2/3 - in the rear, upper left room there is a doll. dot the eye to get. 32 sasa sanctuary 3/3 - in buried chest in an alcove at the back. 33 gale shrine 1/3 - cherry bomb the elevator but don't get on it, then jump down. 34 gale shrine 2/3 - in a burning box outside on the second floor balcony. 35 gale shrine 3/3 princess

metal gear solid

sniper wolf ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ while you're in sniper mode, you'll always move involuntarily, unless you use some diazepam. if you run out, go ahead and use a cigarette. they help, but deplete life slowly. sniper wolf is always on the second floor, and only comes out to shoot you. a good idea is to press yourself against a wall so

man survives nail gun horror

mejia, 39, was building a home when he fell from the roof onto a co-worker who was using the nail gun on the second floor, los angeles county sheriff's deputy mark newlands said.

watch the this old house hour season 12 episode 17

watch the this old house hour: arlington italianate project 2014: deadliest old house? from season 12 at

mega man zero 3

faq/walkthrough by chen guojun. talk to ronishol twice in the maintenance room. 168 - aluet in the hall in the 2nd floor. 170 - ronishol in the maintenance room. 171 - peroke in the room on the first floor labelled 1f-a. 172 - otrish in the room on the first floor labelled 1f-b. 175 - menart talk to menart twice, and answer his quiz correctly. 176 - pikk 4th floor in pikk's

spy games: elevator mission review for wii: they put the

on floor 19, the elevators on the left link to each other and the elevators on the right link to each other. on floor 18, the bottom ones link and the top ones link. on 17, they each lead to their own quarter of the floor, and two of them lead to elevators that go down to 16, which is an entirely unified floor.

enchanted arms

take the platform down to the 2nd floor and head west to find a shop. stock up then go through the door. your objective here is to push the 'green' statue you can tell by the little crystal in front of the statue into the green switch below and pull/push those 'red' statues from its original position. now push those the 2nd statue from the south to the left and pull the 1st statue from the

star wars jedi knight: mysteries of the sith

the seeking rail has only one mode of fire, but the rails home in on your targets after being fired. the seeking rail is only found in one level, i believe, but is incredibly helpful and fun to use. ammo usage: 1 ammo capacity: 30 8. sequencer charges/manual charges the sequencer charges are mines that you can place on walls or the floor

brothers in arms: hell's highway

watch out for catwalks and any other areas where you can be shot from the second floor. while the objective says to clear the ground floor, you'll also need to clear the second floor. once you're at the southern end of the first floor there is a hole in the wall, shoot the four germans outside who are manning artillery. make your way back north

a one-way trip to mars

it sounds like a tale from pulp science fiction: volunteers signing up to take a one-way trip to another planet. but that's just what's in the works in the mars one program.

collecting national geographic

hyman is often asked whether old national geographic magazines have any value. his short answer is, 'the early issues certainly do.' find the terra-cotta colored number 1 or others from the 1880s

beyond: two souls

jump down at the railing to proceed. at the corner on the right side of the street, dispatch the guard, then move from roadblock to roadblock to reach the ladder. as you climb up the second roof, quickly approach the guard to take him out. yes, he will always move away from you as you climb up; it's fully scripted. it's also arbitrary when

castlevania: lament of innocence

he's still very much a challenge to the average player though, so do not let your guard down. start off by heading to the anti-soul mysteries lab, which is where he is located. the first and most important thing is to head all the way up to the 2nd floor of the lab. once you're up there, head to the east part of the map into the long tall room

resident evil: director's cut

his appearance which you decide will determine if he dies or not. the first time, you can meet him at : - forest's corpse - the 2nd floor main hall - rescue you from the shotgun trap - the room where you get researcher's note. the second time is when you are poisoned after fighting the huge snake. he'll come to save you or not. i think in this