sliding gate kits for wooden fences

medal of honor frontline

once in the path outside of the house gates, go out to the street to kill the 6 guards on the street. you may have to follow down the street a bit, but if you get close to the checkpoint, run away after you have gotten 6, go to the place where the old man is and follow the passageway there until you see a fence gate. go through it and in to

castlevania: legacy of darkness

walk until you're about halfway between the two gates and wait. it grows dark and another firey hades guardian appears. this one can turn invisible. kill it while you can see it. now head through the gates. as cornell: this small gardenish area has lots of goodies. there are two wooden crosses along the perimeter. smash 'em and you get roast

wolfenstein: the new order

the gate is bent up enough on the right side of it for you to move to the other side of the gate and through the subsequent door. record the second record, entitled 'house of the rising sun' by the band called the volksmusik all-stars, is located on one of the shelves in this room, in the middle. record loot the shelves for the aforementioned collectible and the WPC pieces that you will


loot the bodies and go over the downed chainlink fence. note that you can't go back over the fence once you run over. there's another flare here so pick it up and then try to open the door to the building. an alarm will sound and a zombie will start to break down the same door. stand back and let him open the door and then push the zombie a few times until you can open the next door. zombies

silent hill: homecoming

== gate 8 area == elle will not be able to raise the gate from the other side but she tells alex of another gate to the side that she could raise for him if he met her on the other side. so, well, we backtrack a bit. move back up the waterway tunnel. a needler probably heard the plans of the two because he will attack alex on the way back up the waterway tunnel. take out the fire axe and dodge

mega man legends

if you haven't yet done so, equip the grand grenade. this weapon is a requirement of this sub-gate to finish it. once you enter, go through the door in front of you. in the next room, you'll find a hole in the floor. jump down into the room, which has an elevator like that of the previous two sub-gates, but is currently inactive. if you do a

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batman: dark tomorrow

use shadows for your advantage. ----- 2 items walkthrough ----- ----- 2.1 gotham city rooftops ----- -cinematic video - 1.batman: dark tomorrow prologue a -cinematic video - 2.batman: dark tomorrow prologue b -beat the 3 thugs and cuff them. -cinematic video - 3.a message from oracle -reach the batsignal using the batcable to swing and the

the evil within

faq/walkthrough by bkstunt 31 / absolute when sliding down, avoid the grinders by moving left and right until you reach the bottom. climb out of the bloodbath and move through the door on the other side. c at the intersection, simply move right the left side only leads to a dead end , hop into the water and climb the nearby ladder on the other side. move to the body inside the

hitman: absolution

wait for the guard to come up the stairs and then head back down the stairs. as he goes down, follow him down and hug the right side of the wooden catwalk. drop down on the side of the walkway and then slide your way past the security gate. wait for the guard to leave and go back up the stairs again. pull yourself up and walk to the right.

007: the world is not enough

there is a phone. bug it. go out the door and look down at the wire gate. if there is not a guard there, shoot off the lock. jump off to the left, and get out your watch stunner. go through the gate and stun the guard. punch him to death. do the same with the guard that is patrolling around the surveillance building, and the same with the guard

tom clancy's splinter cell

go up it and walk across the wood planks to get a med kit, then go back to the door you came from. go down one flight of stairs, and turn to your right, and start going down the second. there will be a camera on the second landing, shoot it. go down another flight, then another but on the fourth, make sure to shoot out the camera. you must move slowly to avoid being detected, and shooting out

deadly premonition

backtrack a few steps and enter the gate to the west. ahead is a phone that you can use to save your game and across from the phone is a lollipop . follow the walkway, killing the lone enemy, until you reach a split and two crates. go south first to kill an enemy and grab a medallion. turn on the generator, then return to the split and go west this time. there are two enemies here, but there

lego star wars: the complete saga

6: destroy the three wall panels in the timed room to get a mini-kit part. 7: use the bounty hunter switch in the same room to get a mini-kit part. 8: behind a breakable gate in the third area is a mini-kit part. 9: behind another breakable gate in the third area is another mini-kit part. 10: get all three fruit parts from destroyable objects

obscure: the aftermath

lift shannon up onto the platform. use shannon's 'breath in' command to remove the dark aura from the cave entrance up ahead. you'll see a red light up ahead. step off to the left then enter the opening in the wooden gate. use the 'go up' command while standing near the left raised area inside then move up into the building above. break the