sustainable wood plastic floor

cans, wall or base cabinet ? why do base cabinets have

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chef vola's: dinner with 'frank' and george, too

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importance of separate cutting board for fish/meat

bamboo is a quite robust and solid material, being used even as flooring. the dishwashing is not so hard on materials as is the sustained high heat in the drying cycle. i used to wash our plastic pitchers and other kitchen items on the wash cycle only, pulling them out just before the dry cycle began. until my wife caught me.

byob for a rehearsal dinner

that's a lot of restrictions. is the hotel in old city? or is there some other reason you want it there? if you branch out a bit, i think matyson, melograno, branzino are all byos that could handle that size, but you'd have to rent out the whole place for some of them.

questions re marble pastry slab

i'd like to get for my kitchen and, yes, for actual baking purposes . i wanted to go to a marble-granite crafter near me who advertises low-cost counter remnants, rather than buy a pastry slab via retail.

where do you put your cutting board?

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desiree in the presidio

the cafe is in the handsome presidio building that houses the sf film institute. the recently renovated building is absolutely beautiful with it's stunning wood floors. plenty of parking. what a soothing relaxing place. it is like being in someone's cozy french kitchen. i know when i need a peaceful place to retreat, i'll go to desiree.

sezmu, reno's best kept secret

it has exposed seven trust wood ceilings and brick, hardwood floors, a custom made bench along the back wall with up lights to illuminate the textured panels, and the very finely detailed steel work throughout. it has a very minimal modern feel to it. its hip and at the same time its unpretentious. its elegantly casual.

updated ultimate list to a lot of different types of cuisine

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eataly boston ma

they have two wood-fired pizza ovens going, but it took about 20 minutes for our pizza to arrive. it was 12 inches, and suitable for 2 to share. cooked in the neapolitan style and probably best eaten with a knife and fork soft center . fairly light on the charring, i would probably prefer it a bit more well done. i thought it was tasty, but it didn't blow my mind either. sort of reminds me

who remembers pokagon beverages?

as for bledsoe's, that was a marvelous place and i can't imagine that there's anything like it today, considering the change in our culture. the grocery-restaurant had old, wood plank floors stained by years of the grease from dropped french fries, spilled soda pop and anything else that failed to make it to kids' mouths. the only cooling was

roy's swiss sausage factory greenfield

swiss sausage is a specialty of this part of the world, brought here by the swiss-italian families who settled in the salinas valley to farm. when you're lucky enough to find it in the retail case, it's always priced a little higher than the italian sausage next to it.

student prince, springfield, ma

it's getting a bit late in the month, but i thought some of the chowhounds here might enjoy eating game and other exotic meats. the game fest month at the student prince and fort restaurant in springfield, ma continues through the end of february.

endless mission one review: a tiny desktop on a mission

the good the endless mission one has a great design, tons of preinstalled software and a killer price.. the bad performance feels painfully slow at times. most of the usb ports are older usb 2.0

best cutting boards

i like the epicureans and i don't think they're that noisy . not exactly the same feel as wood either, though. i have started mostly using a plastic board instead, though, after a knife skills instructor turned me onto the plastic ones with built in rubber feet. i mean you can put a wet towel underneath the epicurean boards, but built in feet

gap between stove and counter

i have a new stove and counter, and there is a small gap between them. already some crumbs are getting down into the gap. the stove is a 30' wolf, which is very heavy, so this gap is, for all practical purposes, never going to get cleaned up.