tile flooring lifter double cup

lego batman: the videogame

activate the joy buzzer machine and a lift will lower. ride it up to the next level. move to the right and climb the ladder up the column. use harley to double jump across the gap and to another staircase. build a tight rope for the joker and activate the joy buzzer machine. use the lift to reach a higher balcony and exit moving to the right

pokemon soulsilver version

the bottom floor holds nothing though note the creaking sound you can hear if you approach the shaking pillar so head up the ladder. from this floor and any above it, you can encounter wild pokemon. head to the right to get attacked by a monk and his three bellsprout. continue down the ladder after you've beaten him and continue to follow the

chris redfield: advanced mode

pillar passage. poor richard check his body for a clip and enter the door. note: while richard's fate is the same no matter if you give him the serum or not, i have neglected to give him the serum in advanced mode so you can see the alternate scene. all you will miss out on if you do not give him the serum is the radio, and it is not required to complete the game.

kerra holt respect thread

kerra holt respect thread by thevivas december 20, 2014 23 comments respect for kerra holt, jedi knight of the old republic. only 18 years old when she had her first mission into sith space, kerra

broken sword: the sleeping dragon

enter theater's main lobby take the paper cup from the popcorn stand's floor back in the theater, move down stage's rightmost aisle climb ladder onto the fly loft pull the loose cable near the lighting rig grab hold of the rig and shimmy across to the stage's right side inspect the sandbag ×2 speak to nico

wild arms xf

if you can double up on the debuff skills listed above, so much the better--at least double up on fantastica oc for slow down. at the beginning of combat, asgard will head toward one group or the other. just engage him with the close group, debuff start with slow down , and start pounding. he has a lot of hp, but between electrigger and formation arts, you should have no trouble piling damage

diana continues to fascinate

at the same time, a pr exercise was organized. after the match, the princess was to present the cup to her husband with a kiss. diana, however, was in no mood to be used, something that charles's

lego city undercover

2: dig up the tile floor in the middle of the area and ride up the water spout. 3: smash the rocks in the middle and follow the clue spot to the rc digger. digging up one of the small piles will find the brick. 4: in the far left corner, hop up and pry open the door to a cabin to find this last one. assemble the crane and drive it over to the indicated spot. now, you'll have to use the crane

csi: crime scene investigation: dark motives

*what restaurant serves white french truffles? abandoned asylum: ````` from the left of your starting position, check out the blood on the floor. remove the broken tile and use the tweezers to collect the insect. <new evidence> blowfly larva asylum around the center is a footprint, use the adhesive lifter on it. <new evidence> muddy footprint

a knight at the museum- open knightfall rpg

quintus knightfall: do as you will, i will work with it.its 100% open and free form i have one objective only the rest is up to you guys. i intend to post quite frequently myself

lost secret of the rainforest

get the cup and walk east twice to return to the area with the shaman's hut. give the cup and butterfly to the man outside of the hut and he will invite adam inside. walk in and the man will say that he is the shaman of the village. sit on the floor and it will start to rain outside. record the charm, initiation, masks, rattle and shaman. use


look to your left and twist the tap handles to reveal some elebits. go forward, but lift up all the tiles on the floor along the way. also, pick up any mushroom tables, and pick up all of the frisbee like things. look behind all the candy houses, and activate all of the ice cream/ candy vending machines. move the gates and the bigger mushrooms

half-life 2

you may have to shake your view around a bit to get the sentry gun up right, but once it is just drop it so it can resume firing. pop up sentries these guys are hidden beneath floor tiles, and will only pop up once you trip their laser sensor. when they do pop up, a second laser will begin sweeping the floor in front of them. if you trip this

the messenger 2001

the messenger pc walkthrough, version 1.0, december 31, 2001 by adrean issil, issilx aol.com copyright 2001 adrean issil this document was prepared by me for use by the following websites and may not be posted on any other websites or reprinted in any way without my permission: gamefaqs, neoseeker.com, a2zcheats.com. introduction: the messenger is lara croft meets orlando meets 'where


head back up the escalator to floor 2, then go right up to the next escalator to reach floor 3, and then do the same to reach floor 4. now head left, fighting off any monsters that attack be sure to kill the scalding coffee cups first as they can really hurt ness and jeff to reach the door to the office. head inside to find an alien being waiting, and he will attack dept. store

lost secret of the rainforest

click on the outer tiles until each one has the jagged line, then select the middle one until you get the matching one 5, 776 . pick up the crown and cup 10, 786 . click on the outer tiles again to make them all double gold lines, then select the center one twice to match the tile to the rest and reveal another secret 5, 791 . make sure you

prince of persia: arabian nights

up the ramps in the only direction you can go, and you'll have to fight a new gaurd, this one with a bo. after kicking his arse, go into the next doorway; the gaurd will press a switch as his dying motion, which will knock away some floor tiles, making your progression harder what an odd switch anywho.. . just jump along the hallway, move

harry potter and the chamber of secrets

walk back to the hatch but dont walk past it as patches of the attic floor collapse beneath you. instead light lumos and the weak points in the floor will be highlighted leaving you free to run around without a problem. run to the other end of the attic, avoiding the weak spots, and go through the crawl space. there are two doors in this next room. the left hand one is locked so use the

resident evil 0

stepping on one of the tiles in the corner of the building releases the lock on the double doors. ***when bats attack*** as the character leaves the save room a loud crash echoes through the building. squeals and the beating of large wings echo throughout the large room. looking skyward, the source of these sounds is confirmed to be a giant

god of war iii

first, you need to open the doorway on the second floor. there is a large wheel on the left side of the room and a large crate of flat tiles on the right side of the area. grab the crate of tiles on the right side and drag it towards the large wheel. kill off the harpies and then activate the wheel to open the doors on the second floor. from

nancy drew: double dare 3

you have to move the tiles around to view the green bottle under the fh tile. when exposed, click the green bottle. there is a paper in the bottle. it is a few of the letters that dirk wrote to frances. his first letter talks about the shawl she knit. leave through the vent shaft back to the pump house. when in the pump house look at the pipe that burst and under it there is an arrowhead. pick

lego star wars ii: the original trilogy

my favourite movies all time. i have six movies dvd plus two clone wars dvd. i like lego and i used to build a train a long time ago and much more. so, i played lego star wars and finished everything, especially i unlocked and bought all characters. now, this is lego star wars ii: the original trilogy. i made this faqs and walkthrough because i