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hey, need help with the name of a game. i don't remember much, but it was a pc game probably released early-90s that involved racing some sort of ship at high-speed down narrow tracks, and you had to jump from track to track to avoid falling off. i don't think you could turn at all, aside from leaping between the floating tracks. it was

pretty little liars 'out, damned spot' review: magic mike

pretty little liars s05e19: 'out, damned spot'. i need to start off by saying how much i like ezra's reduced role as a local bookman/coffee shop mogul/inadvertent matchmaker so that pretty little

resident evil 4

using one of the machines in the file room to forge a key, claire lets herself out the prison's front gate. a recent rockfall has blocked the main exit and destroyed the main bridge, so claire runs up a nearby staircase instead. to her surprise, she's now standing in front of a military training facility on one side, and a mansion on the other

the americans season 4 finale review: there's finally a

the americans season 4 finale review: there's finally a way out, to make sure i didn't miss something key for the next season. growing up in that late 70s-early 80s era, i'm always gassed at


the key will be on a broken crate, north of the plane crash. reward: 3 perk magazine and cash. john's region - prepper stashes. dumpster diving: dodd's dumps, north of fall's end. to find the stash either go all the way around it or climb up the ladder and jump. you'll have to turn the power to enter the room. left of the door then forward is the

die hard: vendetta

turn to the right, and another guy will come out of the room in front of you. shoot him, get his ammo, go back to the end of the hall, and enter that room. you'll need to turn left, and you'll see a glass door in the next room. open it, and sidestep around the corner. walk straight and you'll see some display cases with vases in them, you can shoot them later if you want. but for now, shoot

silent hill: downpour

go to the far left wheel and turn it to the left three times. now turn the middle wheel two times. now go turn the right wheel once. this should make the pump kick in. -note- on hard puzzle mode, you need to turn the middle wheel twice to get it down, then the left wheel three times to get the water pouring to it. then you can turn the right

this morning from cbs news, april 23, 2015

this morning from cbs news, april 23, 2015. by dan woo april 23, 2015 / 7:29 am / cbs news secret service lapse. the alarm system protecting former president george h. w. bush's houston home did

apple is opening up its world of iphone recycling

that's great for apple's bottom line, and helped to turn the cupertino company from a niche computer maker into one of the world's most highly valued companies -- ever. but it's not so great for

resident evil outbreak

but instead, i'm going to play resident evil outbreak note: you no longer need the valve handle. climb the ladder here. you will now be on b5f. however, b5f is next to useless without the lab cardkey from b4f. so climb up the next ladder and open the door. ===== b4f west area passage ===== there isn't much here other than a frozen creature. make the first turn and go through the door at the


you might be able to turn around and hit it from the exit if you need to, but i've never tried this. the yellow key is up on a platform near the middle of the level. you have to have the sp-dr to reach it. you have to shoot the corebyte holding the key before you jump across to the tracks. the track is not activated until you destroy the

the rolling stones hometown, lineup, biography last.fm

the rolling stones are an english rock band formed in london in 1962. the first stable line-up consisted of bandleader brian jones guitar, harmonica, and keyboards , mick jagger lead vocals, harmonica , keith richards guitar, vocals , bill wyman bass , charlie watts drums , and ian stewart piano .

top 10 dirtiest hotels in america

on 'the early show,' cbs news travel editor peter greenberg highlighted the top 10 dirtiest hotels, as indicated by tripadvisor.com's readers. super 8 virginia beach/at the ocean, virginia beach

die hard: vendetta

go through the double doors, as you turn left there will be an area with 4 enemies, kill them all, you will find yourself in the upper area, if you look down there is a horse statue, head right, go to the very end then turn left and carry on down and turn left again there are some stairs. before you go down them you may want to find the medkit

tech family holiday gift guide

the icade is an awesome way to relive atari arcade games. using bluetooth to connect to an ipad, the icade feels like a mini version of the real thing.

cav: idrisiangraecus revan vs. richard96 darth caedus

the void had moved back and touched the interdictor, and now the interdictor elongated into it, extending what looked like a pliant extrusion of what he knew to be hardened yorik coral into the

text of powell speech to u.n. 2

text of powell speech to u.n. 2 any inspections of such facilities would be unlikely to turn up anything prohibited, especially if there is any warning that the inspections are coming. call

riven: the sequel to myst

anything significant in that? you may need to *turn* this around in your mind. out-of-riven note: from 'official riven: the sequel to myst hints and solutions' ===== q: what can i learn from the left display in the giant cave? ===== a: this display has two buttons on either side of a display screen. the left button shows a woman walking


elementary stars jonny lee miller as detective sherlock holmes and lucy liu as dr. joan watson in a modern-day drama about a crime-solving duo that cracks the nypd's most impossible cases. initially sober companion and client, holmes and watson's relationship evolved into a symbiotic professional investigative partnership.

doom 3 bfg edition

the most serious incident was when john hews, who hand was caught in plastic extrusion systems. he was performing maintenance on it and states that he unplugged it and had the safety key in his pocket and managed to activate without an apparent power source and shredded his arm up to his elbow before someone got him out. it has been reported