walk behind floor burnisher

lego batman: the videogame

third floor: assemble the two piles here and a tech panel will open up in the enclosed room. mind control the scientist into using it, then start walking the mech over to the right. walk it through the lasers and into the panel on the back wall to remove them. continue to the right to the large open area. you'll be penned in by lasers. gun down

might and magic: swords of xeen

illegitimate 6. cheats 6-1. characters 6-2. party 7. versions 8. credits ===== 1. introduction 1-1. about the game swords of xeen is a bit of a stopgap between might and magic iv and v that brings up an entirely different part of xeen and something called 'the source.' wikipedia notes that this game may have started as an unofficial mod. what

s.t.a.l.k.e.r.: call of pripyat

they will try and sneak up behind you and attack you and either claw you or grab you. try and snipe these from a distance or shoot them with a shotgun up close. 8 burers they are fat dwarves that have telekinesis. they attack by throwing things at you and blocking bullets. the easiest way to kill them is run at them and use the knife. 9 poltergeists these are moving anomalies that can pick

taz wanted

on the first floor, to the left of the phone booth is a door that opens with 3 witbs behind it. activate the spin-pad in the lobby and go through the doors to destroy the 3 witbs. this room is the sporting goods room. there is a catcher here. go around destroying everything and getting the sandwiches. along the walls, which are sloped you can spin up them and collect the sandwiches all the

the elder scrolls: chapter ii

the added health acts as a buffer, such that any damage you take isn't really hurting you. of course, you lose the extra health once the spell ends. if you have a lot of health to begin with, then better to stick with healing magic; on the other hand, if you keep getting one- or two-hit-killed by heavy hitters like zombies, then the shield spell is the better choice. silence removed the target


in the room with many treasure chests, search for a magic wall here to get the ruby key. continue and get to the room with the floor switches. just walk right through to the door and you'll fall down to fortress 2f, but here, you'll find three plaques that will help you complete the puzzle. the middle and right plaques gives you a key to the

the talos principle: deluxe edition

walk through until you see the blue transmitter, pick up the nearby connector, target the transmitter, and place it in the same spot. go backwards until you see the red sigil behind a gate, pick up the third connector here and bring it to the blue receiver. if placed correctly, you should be able to target the blue connector and blue receiver through two windows. now pick up the first

resident evil

room 201 - pikeman hallway 1: notice the zombie on the floor; don't worry, he doesn't bite. yet. there's a herb next to him. item - green herb 2: there's about a 50/50 shot of the zombie in the hallway being awakened by you picking up the herb. hope that he hasn't been activated and you can move around him behind his back. he'll swing around

2400 a.d.

at the end of the hallway, there's a heavy-duty door. walk up next to it and shoot. there are two tough robots behind there, but let the first robot plug up the doorway, so you'll only have to take on one at a time. after opening two more 'heavy' doors again, if shooting, go right next to it there is a north-south hallway and another heavy

final fantasy dimensions

for final fantasy dimensions on the ios iphone/ipad , faq/walkthrough by holyknight14. the door on the far north is also locked so just move up the stairs to the next floor for now. walk north a bit until two pots on both sides of the throne come into view. check the pot on the right for an *elixir* and then head south and exit at the end of the path. in the next area head up either

tom clancy's rainbow six: lockdown walkthrough

tom clancy's rainbow six: lockdown walkthrough another group of terrorist has another plot to blow up the world, and it's up to the fearless commandos of rainbow six to stop them.

the king of fighters xi

----- the king of fighters xi movelist/guide ver o.6b by tel ----- legal: this guide is intended for personal use only, and may not be sold, distributed, printed or published for profit. you are not allowed to use portions of this guide in your work without obtaining permission first. i have only officially posted my guide in these sites: www

prince of persia 1989

that's the song you hear when you start the game. you get thrown into a dungeon, and the gate closes behind you. okay, now to plan an escape. go the bottom-right corner of your cell. there, you will find a loose slab. walk onto it, and hold shift, so that when the floor falls, you will hang on. let go of the ledge to drop unharmed. on your


quickly get up the stairs and use the switch at the top to close the hatch behind you. head to the top of the stairs. there's a healing pod to the left. check out the map on the wall. control station b is the camp used by azzaro and semken. you can check out some sketches on the floor, amy's sketchbook, and another sketch on the footlocker.


the marker in the northeast corner of the camp leads you to carlos, the cop from earlier cases. speak to him and he'll walk off. take his x-baton that he left behind and use it to track him down south. once you arrive, defeat the bad guys and carlos plus the gang leader he's chasing will get grabbed and taken to the astral plane. follow them.

hunted: the demon's forge

now head all the way to the back and drop down to the first floor again. you will now be on the other side of the burning wall, you will also see shadow crawlers coming in to the basement from all around you at the broken edges, drop down and fight them off. walk around until the wall gets blasted and head out of the basement. as you get out of

doom 1993

secret flags don't help. what you can do is either make the whole sector behind the door higher to match the raised sill, or at least put a narrow 'buffer sector' behind the door at the same height. then the door will become opaque on the map again. -- with material from robert forsman 5. tags/triggers/effects ----- 5-1 i can't get my tags to

etrian odyssey 2 untold: the fafnir knight

new quests are added each time you hit a new floor, or you complete the 'prerequisite' quests for them. i've listed the quests by 'groups', rather than floor wise - if you want them floor wise, check the walk through. pure mineral water. first available: floor 1. you are to find 'rock water'. rock water is found on the 1st floor, b6 dead end

rail hydra

to the left of the second cannon is a tech panel. use it to open the door. use mind control on the guy behind it to flip the switch, then head up to the balcony and use power cosmic on the box that rose up. take the mask to the collector nearby. minikit 5: free play: fly up to the top of the elevator to grab this floating canister. minikit 6

lost odyssey

walk into the great gate once you're off the monorail, and take the lift to the floor below. there, head around to the back of the room and speak to the guard standing on the operating platform. he will ask for help with the lifts. select: c -> b -> a -> a -> a to complete the puzzle then step on the lift on your right and ride the lifts up until you reach a treasure chest. open it for a

breath of fire

the one right behind the station has a life chest and an s. ptn in the bureau near there. upstairs, rob the bureau of a cure and the chest of a w. ant . the sleeping 'shooop ' guy doesn't even know he's being burgled. exit the manse and head to the one east of there. the first floor has a life chest and a v. ptn bureau. upstairs

buck rogers: countdown to doomsday

fourth floor head to the northeast corner and walk through the hallway with the plaque that says, 'abandon all hope ye who enter here'. walk to the door, give the guard the medals, and he will let you in. when you reach the sun king, answer oui three times. he will deactivate the core lasers and tell you to capture the doom's day device for him. of course, you plan to destroy it, but he

chapter 3: clemens point

sneak up behind him and use the button prompt to knock him out. bill will tie him up while you go and deal with the other moonshiner. go across the bridge and head over to the other moonshiner is standing by following your mini-map. it'll also show which way he is facing, so just walk up behind him and press the action button to knock him out