what materials makes 12x32 deck

some deck recipes

also, even with all the s/t removal, deck still struggles with opponent's backrow. can't really decide on the 5 cards to drop to make this deck optimal, but i usually like to run extra cards when running cyber jar just to balance it out. if anything, i want 1 more chaos sorcerers just to take advantage of this deck.

survival kids

to make the raft you need: -4 stacks of lumber -2 nails -2 pices of ivy -a stone to use as a hammer goto the beach to get materials from the reckage. you will find some nails. you can store them with the log. now you need lumber. get the lumber from 4 of those trees you cut down earlier. there are 2 below your house and 2 to the left of your house. after you put the frist stack in the log it

how new pokemon cards get made

we learned all about why certain pokemon are featured in the tcg, how illustrations and holographic cards work, and the intense world of playtesting cards while at creatures' office in tokyo.

man f*** konami,

through materials collected from facing opponents matching the same level and archetype that is needed to upgrade the deck, materials for the decks start to become available. the higher the level, the more consistent the deck becomes, as well as opening up more options. for example, the starting gem-knight contains no fusions, but fusions and

which magic junctions best to which stat?

usually a good overall setup is what makes the difference. obviously, except for hit% and speed, ultima is the best for everything else. there is some rationale behind some junctions from then on full-life for hp sounds reasonable, etc. .

fusions list and inconsistencies

for yu-gi-oh the duelists of the roses on the playstation 2, a gamefaqs message board topic titled 'fusions list and inconsistencies'.

deck building / general guide for new and returning duelists

on a side note i have been trying to make theme decks for each campaign but am struggling to find generic link monsters that i can add to more traditonal-esque decks to allow for additonal fusion summons. my favourite albeit least effective deck back on troubadour was an xyz fusion deck which i'd like to recreate/ update.